Eulogy for my soarer

September 21, 2009

The truth of the matter hit me on the weekend, that I have lost something which I have spent so much time and money on. Of course I am talking about my car. It took me 3 days to realize that I will miss driving it, the feel of the car will remain a fond memory of my “first” car. When I bought my soarer last year at around this time it was a stock standard car in very average condition, it wasn’t a bomb nor was it a shining example but rather just an old car which is starting to show its age.

I fell in love with the features that the car offered, all the interior trimmings as well as the power instantly grabbed my attention from the first inspection. No other car in the same price bracket could come close to compare with what the soarer offered. The enthusiastic owner community was also fantastic, providing a wealth of knowledge and support in case anything goes wrong. I had done my research and was rewarded with a marvelous specimen of a luxury sports car.

Over time I cleaned up the car so that it looks closer to its former glory 18 years ago. I got new carpets, new shift knob, new wipers and gave the car some TLC with many other plans for its future. I also installed a smoking sound system and new headlights myself. But alas our time was cut short by an unfortunate accident.

Not to say that the car didn’t have it’s share of problems; it was a money pit in terms of petrol consumption, maintenance and potential repairs. It returned a dismal 15L/100km on 98 octane, there was much that needed to be taken care of during servicing, and I was always on my toes just in case something else broke down in the car. However, it made me more interested in the car and I learnt a lot from all its inadequacies.

But now it is time to say goodbye and move on to something newer. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I have around $15k to spend on a car and have shortlisted the Honda prelude and Nissan v35 skyline as possible candidates for my next car. Though due to budget restrictions I might go with a prelude since it is cheaper to run and insure and maintain.


Shit happens Friday

September 18, 2009

If I have not already cried about it to you, recently I was involved in a car accident which will most likely leave my car written off as a repairable wreck. I braked late at a stop sign and the 4WD behind me rear-ended me pretty heavily and hence now my car has a huge dent in the back. Luckily my car is pretty tanky so I didn’t suffer any injuries. I am currently waiting for my car to be assessed so I know how much it is worth. I have also been told that I have salvage rights to the wreck and I will be stripping my car to sell parts if that is the case.

I need to buy a new car now and I have been considering getting another soarer or a v35 skyline. I welcome all sympathy donations to the “buy sto a new car” fund lol.

No poem today because I am in mourning and a bit frustrated about how long the insurance process takes.

For those of you who may have done my facebook quiz, if you don’t believe that I like writing poetry more than working on my car, let me explain a few things. Getting work done yourself on the car is a long and painful process which involves much blood sweat tears and handy friends to help you out. I quite physically bleed every time I do any major work on the car, for example wiring, installing headlights or speakers. To say that anybody actually enjoys that sort of thing is just silly, what I DO enjoy however is the reward of saving several hundred dollars worth of installation costs and the final product working well.

Writing poetry however is a more cathartic task which lets me say what I want to say in a creative manner. I say cathartic because it relieves a lot of tension because I can focus my energies on things I find beautiful and that relaxes me. I don’t write often but when I do it feels good and I want to perfect it as opposed to just having it work. I don’t want people to only READ what I write but also to UNDERSTAND and empathise or emote with what I try to say. As proof, here is something I wrote a while back and I hope you believe me now!

Mountain Flower

you are the mountain flower that
i couldn’t reach,
the persistent growth that flourished
upon that sheer cliff face-
you grew so beautifully in adversity
whilst i failed to be anything
but an admirer.

your surroundings are barren,
yet even so you would still stand out
amongst the flowers of the hanging garden-
as i am, i am only worthy of imagining
the gardens of kings, let alone claim
its most prized flower.

your life is a mystery to me,
shallow roots seem so fragile
yet they tether you to the precipice
of infinity;
your existence defies gravity,
reaching to the horizon like
a soul to heaven.

i am afraid to do more than observe
and take in your scent;
your strength frightens me and
seems to grow in the face of my jealousy-
oh i am so afraid,
because i am, if not much more
fragile than you.