Haven’t done one of these in a while, nothing special though just playing with some spoken word.

I managed to find a new single from supercell with nagi/gazelle as the lead singer and I am quite hooked! Her first official song was awesome too and this just makes me love her even more as her voice is perfectly suited for this type of powerpop. She sings another song in the single which sounds greatly inspired from ryo’s hatsune miku days and that definitely sounded very different.

So I can speak my mind
with somewhat (not so) fancy words,
too bad I forgot that this diction
of mine is a victim of circumstance-

A poor excuse for lack of social grace
and situational self abuse;
they do act nicely as a shield
made of broken parts.

I talk from other’s experience
as I wield few of my own;
it’s too hard to start living life halfway
when I needed the whim yesterday.

You reveal too much of me and I cannot hide
in broad daylight anymore,
I am jealous to be honest and as such
feel the fleeting embarrassment you bestow on me.

You destroy my words because you
are more real than any fabrication
that I call true-
I only toy with words and meaning
and you with me.