Pome Time

June 7, 2010

Just an update on what I have been up to really.

  1. Monster hunter tri is on top of that list, it is an awesome game which you can sink countless hours into (of which I already have).
  2. New(found) music from Moumoon is fantastic, her voice sounds like a mix of everybody that I like and listen to, very versatile voice that fits well in any style. Angela Aki is still awesome though a different sound to Moumoon, more mature.
  3. Moving back home at the end of this week as well, so I will say goodbye to my bachelor pad.
  4. New 50″ samsung plasma currently in my room and a separate bluray home theatre package coming by redemption.
  5. With above, a total rearrangement of my room to accommodate the massive TV, and hugeass beanbag courtesy of sumolounge coming soon.
  6. Department change at work to something more challenging at last
  7. Probably writing lyrics for some friends who want to write a song

And finally, here is a pome for you all that I wrote during my absence inspired by Moumoon – Ai no Oto.

the sound of you

you deafen the room we are in
every time you come around;
you wipe the noise and static clear away
and fill it with the sound of you.

the rush hour traffic disappears
like a tourist’s quaint backstreet hideaway;
i can no longer hear the piano practice
held by a neighbouring musician,
nor the broadcast news describing
the breakthrough in communication-

but what do i say when all i hear
are her heels clacking to the floor,
the shifting of her coat as her handbag
slips off her shoulder to the ground,
the friction of her hair against her face
and the clack of the door behind her?

the sliding of stockings on floorboards
stops with a click of her tongue
and a flick of her hair into a neat knot.
“hopeless” she says;
as a knife slices through poorly chopped vegetables
and oil is brought to crackling heat.

and my heart exploding through my chest.

the brushing of sheets across our skin
like breaking waves
tell me everything i wanted to hear tonight-
the sound of your breathing in a quiet room
matches the beating in my heart;
as if we were one being split into two bodies.

if i were vision and hearing,
she would be my sight and sound
giving me meaning to exist.

the banal noise of every day
only serves as a painful reminder of my
when not engulfed

by the sound of you.


Haven’t done one of these in a while, nothing special though just playing with some spoken word.

I managed to find a new single from supercell with nagi/gazelle as the lead singer and I am quite hooked! Her first official song was awesome too and this just makes me love her even more as her voice is perfectly suited for this type of powerpop. She sings another song in the single which sounds greatly inspired from ryo’s hatsune miku days and that definitely sounded very different.

So I can speak my mind
with somewhat (not so) fancy words,
too bad I forgot that this diction
of mine is a victim of circumstance-

A poor excuse for lack of social grace
and situational self abuse;
they do act nicely as a shield
made of broken parts.

I talk from other’s experience
as I wield few of my own;
it’s too hard to start living life halfway
when I needed the whim yesterday.

You reveal too much of me and I cannot hide
in broad daylight anymore,
I am jealous to be honest and as such
feel the fleeting embarrassment you bestow on me.

You destroy my words because you
are more real than any fabrication
that I call true-
I only toy with words and meaning
and you with me.

Poetry make-up Monday

January 18, 2010

Listening to some older Maaya Sakamoto stuff, especially loving her 30 minute night flight album. Her voice and lyrics are so gorgeous! This is inspired by her song “bokutachi ga koi o suru riyuu” – the reason we are in love. The song doesn’t actually have a lot of description but tells of the reason through actions and events. Even though there are no imagery the actions are much more interesting…

my reason

your eyes seem to light up so much more
than these stars we are gazing upon,
you point to constellations like an artist
displaying her own masterpiece.
i don’t know why we chose this place
but nonetheless i am grateful it exists;
if only to share this instant with you.

your eyes may be in the heavens,
but mine were always on you,
fixed; my absolute point of reference-

you flitter about just like these snowflakes
dancing in the park.
you leave angels in the snow but i
know that they are only moulds of the original.
soon the impressions will disappear
but the one you left in my mind will only fill
with longing.

my mind may wander away from you,
but unlike the snow
my love will never thaw-

intangible and indescribable;
if i could hold this feeling in my arms
i would never let it go.
but i thank you most of all, if only because
you are the one who is holding on so tight.

I have loved Maaya for a long time, listened to a lot of her songs and absolutely adore her voice. I also really enjoy the work she does in VA work in anime which is a double plus. I listened to her song “No fear – aisurukoto” from her album “Yunagi Loop” and it was so beautiful and struck a chord within me. I tried translating it to a friend, but my Japanese is sorely lacking so I only knew bits and pieces, mostly nouns and verbs so I couldn’t piece together who or what the song was about.

But here is the poem! Hope you enjoy!


your silhouette is the only thing i see,
back lit against a distant star;
i see your hand reaching out to me
but i am too afraid i’d pull you down-
(or rather help myself up.)

the water has wrapped around me,
cocooning me within her cold embrace.
deeper and deeper she pulls me closer
until all i hear is the blackness of the sea.

the numbing cold has stolen your hand,
replaced the warmth with nothing at all.
i can’t feel anything or you anymore,
and i am afraid.

i am losing sight of you,
the water clouds my vision and blurs my eyes,
my face feels oddly warm, as if your hands
were wiping away my tears;
but the ocean was drowning my longing.

i remember your hand now, like a fragile flower
i was always afraid to grasp it
for fear i would crush its idyllic beauty.
but now more than ever i wanted to hold it
just once-

i had never heard of an ocean blossom
but that day i saw a flower dive to save a man
who was so afraid;
since then, i had never seen a man
who gripped a rose so tight.

Eureka 7 inspired poem today. Renton is quite an interesting character, I love how he aspires to be a man when he is just a kid. He knows it too, the fact that the number of things he has are few, but the value that they hold are so rich. The coupling of Renton and Eureka is also very cute and that is why I wrote this poem. Also the first closing theme song paints a beautiful picture of this relationship – “Takada Kozue – himitsu kichi”. In general her songs are all pretty much like that, painting a picture of youth. I sound like the oldest person ever writing that despite my age though, so I will let the poem do the rest of the talking.

when i was little

when i was little
i looked at you with puppy dog eyes;
i didn’t know the meaning behind why
my heart would start beating
faster and faster
whenever you would come into view.

but somehow i knew
that this feeling is to be preserved
and protected.
since though i didn’t have anything
it made you so much more important.

i wanted to grow up for you,
even to grow old with you,
to be like my grandparents
(but not as wrinkly).
at that moment
i can only be a puppy dog
trying hard to guard your door.

when i was little
i didn’t have much at all,
i just wanted to be an adult for you
because that was the only
certain thing i had.

Poetry Friday: spoken word

September 25, 2009

I think I may have missed a few weeks of poetry so I shall attempt to make up for it with a little bit of spoken word. Spoken word poetry is a bit different in that it needs to be read aloud to be appreciated since it is more songlike than typical freeverse.

I write this for my cat muse head crush for whom I (always) owe a poem.

fly to the moon

let us fly to the moon
for it comes as no surprise
that the sun shall rise with the morning-

soon the day will come to chase away
the romance of the night;
so let us take flight with this
fleeting moonlight
and make a future with our own two hands.

i want no regrets to introspect,
nor wounds to suture shut,
so come, and away with us now
i will show you how to live together
forever and a day.

even if, by circumstance we became lost as lambs
and wandered amidst the sands of time
eye to eye and hand in hand,
i truly wouldn’t mind.

and if then by happenstance we found our way again
then i’d say that it’d be fine-
as long as i could call you mine
i will write poetry and song and stall
death himself to keep you in my arms.

i only wish to calm your fears
and dry your tears in your darkest hours,
to be your light here and now;
so surrender your sorrows and look ahead
to a bright tomorrow with me.

Poetry Wednesday?

August 26, 2009

I got inspired and I missed last week’s poem so here is an early present.

your poem

disaster looms behind darkened clouds
with people crying that
the sky will fall tonight.
last we spoke
i remember we ended on unfavourable terms,
but if the world should end
i at least wanted to see you off with a smile.

the world is on their feet,
trying to drown the catastrophe in their tears.
but even if the streets turn to rivers
i will swim against the current
to see your face again.

there are those who still cling to their pride
in this final hour,
they refuse to open up and continue
with their daily mundanity.
i would rather not pretend anymore-
why hold on to yesterday to throw away tomorrow?

as i near your door,
the pavement cracks and gravity grows stronger;
it was like God himself was against my goal.
but if i had to become a pagan
you would be my reason.

i am falling off the edge of the world
and even as i descend
i will call your name and ask for a second chance
in eternity.


it dawned upon me
that only i could see this rain of starlight
that pours from your presence-

people seem to drown in it
and be unaware that they are in the light
when they are with you;
they all come to life,
animated by your heavenly rays.

i never knew why i was the only one
who could see your secret;
my heart flutters when submerged
in your starry glow
and i run short
of breath.

although it is tough to stay so close
to your blinding radiance,
i would rather be blind to the world
than yearn your brightness from afar.

i will keep your secret safe;
(it’s not like they believe me)
even from yourself,
for i feel that you will leave me in the dark
when i reveal to you
this secret of mine.

I wrote something which started good but ended badly, so I would like to focus on language today. The English language is not really a pretty language, it is too complex and contains a very inconsistent system of rules. No matter how people seem to twist the words around, it still does not sound very musical and requires a lot of work for anything to turn out just right. Because of the complexity of the English language, with some words being impossible to rhyme ie “orange” and “animal”, writing original songs after hundreds of years of recycling the same words is a challenge at best.

In my experience there are 2 languages which facilitate original songwriting very well; Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Japanese language is very structured and is actually very easy to learn because of the strict rules in terms of syntax and the organization of its alphabet. It is very easy to find rhymes for words, making lyrics very easy to write. Furthermore, some words have double meanings and some phrases have associated historical relevance, making it easier to write powerfully. It is for this reason that I like listening to Japanese songs more than English ones. The imagery in jpop is just so much richer than that of it’s English counterparts. Of course I can probably find an English song with my desired level of imagery but as I said before, English is such a cumbersome beast of a language.

Probably the only thing that trumps Japanese music is Mandarin Chinese music. The language is so powerful because one word says so much. Unfortunately, for the amount of people in China and Taiwan (>1 billion) they sure don’t pump out very many good singers nor do they write many good songs that have stuck in my head. The lyrics all seem very reminiscent of western culture and that is disappointing, especially when compared to Japanese songs which so often includes snapshots of its rich culture in the lyrics. The only Mandarin singer I love is David Tao, everybody else is really just average.

I actually would like to write something in Chinese or Japanese, but I just don’t have a strong enough grasp of either language to do so. The best I can do is to emulate the style and imagery using English which does fall very short of the bar. The poem I wrote actually has nothing to do with this post, but here it is anyways!

heavenly hearts

god gave us hearts-
and that is why i live with hope
and not despair;
maybe tomorrow i shall know you better
than not at all.

his eyes are the stars in the sky
and the dewdrops on the grass,
i am jealous that he
watches over you
better than i.

god gave us life
to live as freely as we choose,
but sometimes,
our hearts decide
who we give ourselves to.

our hearts decide
who we receive and reject
and sometimes-
you may not be enough.

god gave me you
so i could learn to love like him-
a gift is a gift, i expect nothing in return;
i will pray instead
that he continues to love you
as much as i do.