People say that you have to balance work and life so you get the most out of it. Too much work and you won’t live enough, too much life and you will not feel fulfilled and odds are you will also go broke! But I suppose that this simplistic look at career satisfaction vs life balance is on a either or basis; you EITHER work too hard, OR you live too much. This view assumes that people are happy with where they are in their career and life, and seeks to understand ways to achieve equilibrium.

But what if you are looking at the wrong scale? What if this work life balance does not measure anything that is relevant to you? I feel that if you have to balance your life and your work that you are probably living between a rock and a hard place. I prefer to look at this scale as measuring thing you WANT to achieve vs the things that get in your way. Life is not exclusive to work and vice versa; you are living life when you are going to work if I still haven’t convinced you. Everything that you want to achieve has an equivalent barrier to it, if you want anything at all in life you have to work for it, that is the general rule.

You may say that sometimes little things require so much effort to accomplish, but it is the effort that defines how valuable something is to you. This new scale I am talking about is always balanced regardless of what you believe otherwise! Sometimes the barriers in the way of your goals seem too high but the barrier is the measuring stick of your desire. I reckon if you cannot overcome that barrier then you just don’t want it enough or haven’t found the right way of approaching it. To get past a wall you might not always have to climb over it, sometimes you can get around it or break through.

It all depends on you.