I have loved Maaya for a long time, listened to a lot of her songs and absolutely adore her voice. I also really enjoy the work she does in VA work in anime which is a double plus. I listened to her song “No fear – aisurukoto” from her album “Yunagi Loop” and it was so beautiful and struck a chord within me. I tried translating it to a friend, but my Japanese is sorely lacking so I only knew bits and pieces, mostly nouns and verbs so I couldn’t piece together who or what the song was about.

But here is the poem! Hope you enjoy!


your silhouette is the only thing i see,
back lit against a distant star;
i see your hand reaching out to me
but i am too afraid i’d pull you down-
(or rather help myself up.)

the water has wrapped around me,
cocooning me within her cold embrace.
deeper and deeper she pulls me closer
until all i hear is the blackness of the sea.

the numbing cold has stolen your hand,
replaced the warmth with nothing at all.
i can’t feel anything or you anymore,
and i am afraid.

i am losing sight of you,
the water clouds my vision and blurs my eyes,
my face feels oddly warm, as if your hands
were wiping away my tears;
but the ocean was drowning my longing.

i remember your hand now, like a fragile flower
i was always afraid to grasp it
for fear i would crush its idyllic beauty.
but now more than ever i wanted to hold it
just once-

i had never heard of an ocean blossom
but that day i saw a flower dive to save a man
who was so afraid;
since then, i had never seen a man
who gripped a rose so tight.