April 17, 2011

This one inspired by the word/idea “mine”. Apparently my friend got that from a Taylor Swift song. Not being the most avid listener of pop music I have never heard it, so I just based it loosely on that word and an idea I had floating in my mind.


you reach your fingers towards mine,
holding them delicately like a spoon and egg race
to melt my heart.
your shyness draws a smile on my lips,
one which you often find in children
who are easily satisfied.

you walk behind me because you are scared
of what the future brings,
but i walk ahead because i wish
to take you there
and show the world the path we paved-
all the while holding my fingers.

i never knew that your small hands
could channel such tremendous emotion
through your slender fingers
entwined in mine-
you give me courage to say your name.

we stand at the precipice together;
we walked with each other
held by tentative feelings and timid hands.
i only hope that we will fall
in love together,
just to call you mine.