Eureka 7 inspired poem today. Renton is quite an interesting character, I love how he aspires to be a man when he is just a kid. He knows it too, the fact that the number of things he has are few, but the value that they hold are so rich. The coupling of Renton and Eureka is also very cute and that is why I wrote this poem. Also the first closing theme song paints a beautiful picture of this relationship – “Takada Kozue – himitsu kichi”. In general her songs are all pretty much like that, painting a picture of youth. I sound like the oldest person ever writing that despite my age though, so I will let the poem do the rest of the talking.

when i was little

when i was little
i looked at you with puppy dog eyes;
i didn’t know the meaning behind why
my heart would start beating
faster and faster
whenever you would come into view.

but somehow i knew
that this feeling is to be preserved
and protected.
since though i didn’t have anything
it made you so much more important.

i wanted to grow up for you,
even to grow old with you,
to be like my grandparents
(but not as wrinkly).
at that moment
i can only be a puppy dog
trying hard to guard your door.

when i was little
i didn’t have much at all,
i just wanted to be an adult for you
because that was the only
certain thing i had.


Since last week was a rather poor effort, here is something that hopefully makes up for it. Inspired by the song SID – 2 dome no kanojo translated into “girlfriend with the 2ºC eyes”.

arbitrary numbers

the first time we met,
she had this two degree smile
which froze my steps
like an awkward silence-

she was three feet away from an introduction
but all i managed to do was stare.
saying what i couldn’t
she spelt it out for me in black and white,
and i was glad we weren’t just red in the face.

seven was her lucky number,
and like playing the slot machines
i was hoping to jackpot.
though it felt like she was playing me
and i was just along for the ride.

it was five days
before she pleasantly surprised me;
a thousand thoughts ran through my mind
as i thought of millions of ways
to keep her two degree smile
for myself.

then i realized
that these arbitrary numbers meant
nothing to her;
like snowflakes, the complexity is lost
in the beauty of it all-

we met thrice and shared two bottles,
split a cab between four,
exchanged two numbers
and called eight times
but numbers don’t matter anymore
because we are