Everybody likes lists. I am also preempting my article by trivialising it in order to lower expectations and increase your perceived interest. (I am such a cynic) Which brings me to my first point which is somewhat ironic.

Everybody has something to say(intelligent, stupid or otherwise)
Everybody wants to be heard, but sometimes you don’t need to tell everybody what you are thinking on the internet because frankly, we just don’t give a shit. When the population of the internet is approximately the size of China and North America put together (I would’ve used countries for comparison but really nothing adds up to 1.5 billion people easily so I had to add a country with a continent), there are just too many people who wants desperately to be heard. Unfortunately, not all of them are interesting, nor are they particularly literate. Speaking of which…

Twitter is the dumbest idea that has ever succeeded
Here are a few random quotes I just pulled from the ever popular… I don’t even know if I can call it a social networking application but anyways here are a few random quotes I pulled from twitter to illustrate my point.

omg, when I get home I am so going to blog about your new haircut.
I think hobo vagina is illegal in Ohio. Fish tacos are not.
I just asked the twittered world for health advice. Something is wrong.

I certainly hope that the offline population of the world will restore my faith in humanity, although they slowly declining…

The dredges of the internet are sometimes funny, but most of the time it is just really really retarded. With famed channels /b/and as the creator of many famous internet memes such as rickrolling and the lolcatz one must wonder what the fuck goes on in the minds of those who create that random shit. It seems that the productive energies of thousands of people have been channeled into putting captions onto funny pictures and redirecting video links to Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up”. However there are slightly more disturbing cases like having a massacre being announced in 4chan before it is actually carried out. Like WTF?

It makes everybody an expert
Just because you can find it on google and have read something a million times you cannot claim yourself to be an expert in the field unless you have some practical experience. With so much knowledge just a search away you have a generation of keyboard warriors who think they are king shit in for example the field of automotive repair. Said person will then go and literally weld their diff shut. Really now, things aren’t always as easy as they appear to be and it would be best to remember to take advice from somebody who is paid to do the job on a daily basis than from some guy who trolls an internet forum

That concludes this Wednesday’s special rant. Keep posted for Poetry Friday!