Stuff as of 11/7/10

July 11, 2010

I received a samsung home theatre package in the mail the other day by redemption and have been fairly excited about it. Even though I plan to sell it on ebay I will be using that money to subsidise a proper 2 channel system. Though I am not 100% sure on what I want to buy, since I want something that can do a variety of tasks but focusing on music rather than home theatre effects since I would like to use it for listening to CDs and music. Need to take a few photos before posting it up, but I have never sold anything on ebay so it shall be an interesting experience.

I have been training people for the past 2 weeks at work now, to prepare replacements for myself when I change departments. I am getting a bit tired of it since I have trained pretty much all the staff in the current team and I just want to move on to more exciting things. There will be 1 more person I need to train and then after that it will be done. I will be free to spread my wings so to speak and get out of doing onsite tech calls and into the fabulous world of networking. Or at least a world where I can enjoy the possibility of career progression.

New anime season started a week ago! My favourite so far is “Ookami san no shichinin nakamatachi”, since the female lead looks like an older Taiga. Quite clever sometimes in the way they link fables and fairytales into an anime storyline. Amagami SS is interesting but I have yet to decide if it is awesome yet, definitely something I will watch but people have been saying it is the next “True Tears” which I will reserve judgement on. The shows I am following have relatively slow subbers so I am slightly frustrated and behind on them, especially “Kaichou wa maido sama”, “rainbow” and “working!!”. Good things come to those who wait I hope!


Somewhat alive

April 14, 2010

Well I managed to cap my internet connection after 2 weeks since I uploaded 16gb out of my monthly 40gb bandwidth limit, hence my absence. There has been so much I wanted to download but was not able so I splurged a little when the month reset just today!

I have been craving a decent internet connection for a while now, and have been watching the current season’s anime which is very interesting indeed. Also am currently addicted to Angela Aki, a wonderful Japanese singer with one of the best voices ever! Suggest everybody to listen and admire her wonderful voice!

Self sufficiency

March 22, 2010

It has been 2 weeks since I have moved out. So far so good, I have migrated pretty much all my things across and am being fairly  self sufficient. Cooking for 1 is quite hard actually, since the volume of food I need to buy does not tend to come in single serves, usually in multiple serves of 2-4. That usually means I cook a large amount and have leftovers for the day after. Well buying food for one isn’t too hard but the cost is much higher than buying for 2 so the economies of scale just declines.

I had some troubles setting up my wireless to work but now it is all good; my wireless dongle decided to shit itself after 4 days of use so I had to go and buy a network card to ensure I won’t get dropouts and dodgy connections. Playing online games is terrible on a wireless connection and I am definitely having issues with packet loss which is causing me to rubberband a lot in Bad Company 2. This is especially tragic since I want to play this game competitively and it is a no-go with the sudden spikes and delays I get.

I have also started studying for my CCNA and hopefully plan to sit the exam before the year’s end; preferably before I move back in with my parents. However that is going quite slowly since I was never one for studying, let alone self motivated study.

More news later if I can manage to pull myself from all the other things I am doing.

Moved out

March 10, 2010

I have recently moved out of home for around 6 months as a trial period to see how well I fare. Very interesting so far, but it is early days and I have yet to get used to it. Right now there is no internet at the place so I am writing this from my parents place. It’s also pretty weird not having any internet since I don’t know what to do with myself when I get home. Hopefully I will have access by Friday when my ISP said they will send someone to install the connection.

I am also missing my music since I only brought my laptop over since there is not much point bringing my desktop when there’s no net access. At least I have an x360 to play around with until Friday when I finally have internet. I also received my set of CCNA textbooks in the mail but they got wet since whichever genius delivered it left it outdoors in the rain. At least drop it off at the post office if nobody is able to collect the bloody thing.

Anyways I will update when there is more news.

Something that I am not overly familiar with is the process of saving money; I set a certain amount as savings each week but that is really as much as I do. Though I am proud to say that I shopped around and managed to score FFXIII and BF:BC2 for a grand total of $130 (from cdwow) which I am very happy with! Considering everybody is charging $100 for FFXIII alone, I would say that is a fair bargain, the only issue is that I might have to wait for delays in shipping but if it saves me $50 off both items then I am willing to wait, especially when I have a bunch of games in need of completing!

I also realized today that I have never bought an FF game despite my proclaimed love of the series. I remember playing FF7 first, I think that was the first game I had ever finished because the story was so compelling. Then I went backwards and played FF6 which had an even more epic story and I reckon even better gameplay. It wasn’t long until I backtracked the entire FF series to FF4, where I stopped since the original 3 didn’t seem to have the same depth and gameplay. I was even tempted to buy the collectors edition but for $130 you don’t get a lot besides a music CD and some random prints which I would probably never look at save the moment I open the box. Saved once again by frugality, yay.

My friends preordered BF:BC2 for $80 each whilst I got it online for $55, so that is yet another bargain I managed to snap up. Hopefully I will gather enough people to form a casual clan, that way we can get some organized fun going on! The likes of which I haven’t seen since my BF2 days.

I also found out that the HDX-BD1 was recently released and is only $30 more than the HDX1000. Just a FYI, this is a media player where you shove in a hard drive and it will play whatever is on it, very convenient for me since I have a 1TB disk lying around my desk with nothing to put it in and I am also quickly running out of disk space due to my movies and anime, mostly anime. What I have gleaned so far is that the BD1 is fairly glitchy since it is a new product and people have not managed to get a lot of advanced features working properly. Though to be perfectly honest with you, I would be happy if it manages to play all my anime and my music too. Later I could tack on a BD drive since the unit is supposedly compatible with bluray playback. However I might wait until the features are more mature before splurging on this.

If you may have noticed I have been going from a scale of tightass to self indulgent and the most expensive thing I plan to do is to move out, which will happen in the next week or so. I need to prepare myself for the move and I have not planned anything as of yet so it will be very interesting. If anyone has any advice on a first move now is a good time to tell me!

Monday mayhem

February 15, 2010

Spent the night in Wollongong so that I could work today. Not really what I wished for since it is such a pain to get there and even worse to get back since there is no quick way of driving 90km out of Sydney. The only good thing out of this is that I wasn’t dead tired before I even began work, and that I had energy to do my job instead of starting tired.

I had to pick up my car (again) from the panel beater today too, coming back into Sydney took a while so I didn’t get the car until around 5pm today. I am just glad that everything is back to normal again, even if I am out of pocket by $1500. It was a bit funny driving my own car again since I had forgotten how different the driving position was compared to your standard family sedan or hatch ie LOW.

I had also finished dragon age on the weekend and the ending battle was quite epic and took me a bloody long time. I found on the 2nd attempt at the final battle that if you avoid fighting the goons you are pretty free to fight the archdemon which makes things a lot easier. By that time most enemies fall in 1 hit and I wasn’t sure if this was the scaling of the game or if it was designed like that anymore. Though I do believe that it was designed to be easy so that it would have a more epic feel to it. I am tempted to go through a 2nd playthrough, but I have a ton of games incoming and will not have the time to revisit for at least another few months.

FF13 is coming out, I am getting bayonetta hopefully this week, and battlefield bad company 2 will be on my to-buy list since I want to start a social clan. Not to mention I still haven’t finished Darksiders. Dragon Age really took a massive chunk of time out of me to be honest, I logged 50+ ingame hours, not to mention the amount of times I reloaded after I died and game load times.

If anybody is interested in a social clan for bf:bc2 with possible ladder comps let me know and I will see if it goes ahead.

So, now what?

January 27, 2010

Car audio has been installed and I couldn’t be happier! Took me long enough to get around to it and it’s good just to get it over and done with. Now I can sit in my car and crank that music up until I go deaf… more or less. The place I took it to was pretty far but they had awesome service and the installation was great; so you do get what you pay for.

Managed to score myself a brand new copy of Darksiders for $50 which I am pretty happy with. It is a mix between DMC and Zelda so really it is just a competitor to God of War. Never played GoW but I am liking Darksiders since it reminds me so much of Zelda! Equipment, chests, “heart pieces” mixed with a bit of combo fun, everything that is in Zelda, Darksiders has, even a trusty steed and an ultimate form! Still trying to finish off Lost Odyssey though, I just need a short break before I get back into it!

Moving out is temporarily put on hold until I can sort out a few issues regarding work, but I will get back to it soon enough!


January 20, 2010

I have recently had a chance to “test drive” my friend’s apartment for 6 months to try moving out away from home.  Have to say that I have been thinking about moving out for a long time and at long last I have an opportunity in front of me. My parents are fairly doubtful with regards to my personal and financial wellbeing in doing so but I believe it wouldn’t be too hard to prove them wrong.

Also getting my car audio stuff sorted tomorrow, quite excited to get it all done since it will be a professional install, not a backyard job like with my soarer. This means I will be without a car for 3 days, but at least I will be driving very happily when I get it back!

Haven’t been gaming much in the past few days, but I did win Darksiders off ebay so I need to pick it up on Saturday, which is coincidentally when I get the car back.

Weather in the red

January 13, 2010

It has been crazy hot and humid the past few days, especially when contrasted with the prior cool weather before; from a nice 20-25 degrees up to a tropical 30+. I hate this changing weather since you can’t ever adapt to it and it also messes with my cold/hot resistance. I usually acclimatise fairly well after a few days but it is wreaking absolute havoc on me since my body is prepared for warm temperatures and then it gets shoved into the oven. At least it has cooled down a bit back to 20-25 degrees for which I am grateful.

Currently I am thinking about moving out for a bit just to test the waters so to speak. I would be moving in with a friend who owns his own place so hopefully I get mates rates with the rent! Since this is a temporary thing I won’t want to put too much money into it either since I am not able to afford too much. It would be nice to live alone and do my own thing, as well as be able to prove that I can be independent to my parents. Moving out with a friend would make the place quite a bachelor pad since it will just be the two of us living there.

In gaming news, I am finishing off Lost Odyssey and my impressions of it at the 4th and final disc is very favourable. The story really moves along in the 3rd disc and much is revealed, the storytelling flashbacks are becoming more scarce which is a shame since I really enjoy reading them. The gameplay is quite rewarding though, since the difficulty seems to be just right- the game is not hard for the sake of being hard, but it is very challenging sometimes and I faced a few game overs before beating certain bosses. Not to blow my own horn but it has been a while since I have game overed so often in any JRPG.

Once I finish Lost Odyssey I do intend to buy either Bayonetta or Darksiders, or I could put off the purchase and finish off some post-game content in Lost Odyssey or Star Ocean. I think the latter is probably better for my wallet anyways.

So, it’s 2010 already

January 4, 2010

I am not a pessimist, but even though the new year holds a lot of hopes and aspirations for everybody for me it holds more of the same. I don’t know whether or not to feel sad about that really. It all feels like an accumulation of knowledge and experiences and I suppose I am celebrating the new year as such. For me it isn’t about starting afresh or looking forward to the things ahead, but rather a retrospection on what I have achieved and how I will use that in the future; in other words a way to plan the year ahead. I have always been one to take whatever comes and I feel that continuing on this path is what I need to do for now.

If there is anything that I want to achieve in 2010 it would be the following:

1. Change departments at work + payrise
2. Learn more Japanese
3. Pick up something new

It really isn’t a big list and is, as I believe, quite achievable as long as I put my heart into it. So here is to the new year and best wishes to everybody.