Anime Currently Following:

Bleach (shittastic filler arc again zzz)
Fullmetal Alchemist
Bakemonogatari (4/11 for next episode online, better be an epic episode or I will cry)
Darker than black: ryuusei no gemini (too bad it is only 13 eps since it is off to a great start)
To aru kagaku no railgun (cute and has some action, characterization is nice)
Nyan Koi (lulz its quite funny)
Tegami Bachi (nice art and lelouch VA is a treat)
Eureka 7 (I am a bit slow on this train but it is definitely not disappointing)

Manga Currently Following:

Medaka Box (Nisio Ishin ❤ now if only I can read bakemonogatari…)
Honey and Clover
Fairy Tail
Ah My Goddess

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