April 17, 2011

A little something I managed to whip up.



i carry a sea of stars in my pocket
and a milky way in my bag;
i have no spare change for the heartless
and no space for regret in my pack.

i am foraging for shards of your brilliance
in the vastness of space;
a spaceman on an impossible journey
bridged by the memory of your kindness.

scattered like stardust in a supernova
the fragments are near untouchable,
but most certainly comprise the whole-
i will collect them all
just to reach critical mass again.

i want to reignite your star,
to turn dull glimmer into blinding sheen-
to return from this lonesome melancholy
to your former supergalactic beacon of light.

i alone will gather your pieces,
to rebuild my universe again-
you are my passenger
until you can be my traveller once more.

i will hold what’s left of you
in my beating core,
and draw you into myself
to revive you in my place.


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