No reason

January 9, 2011

I don’t need a reason to write. I don’t need reason when I write. Creativity is not bound by these things. If I were good with a paintbrush I would draw. If i were good with a camera I would take photos. If I was musical I’d play an instrument. Painters draw things in a different light; photographers show what the eye cannot see; musicians weave stories through song.

But words are the best I can do, so I write to tell you:

I don’t need to explain what this is, because those of you who bear any scrap of creativity should know.


i don’t need a reason
to write the skies into the sea,
to create my own world
where the birds swim and fish fly-

the rainbows can smile into heaven
not frown into the ground;
life will breathe darkness
and we will exhale the
inextinguishable light from our souls.

there is no need for the sun,
as each gathering of life will be an aurora,
celebrating the marvels of existence-
even the fields will glow
with the luminance of the moonlight.

trees will grow jewels the size of apples,
with each bite as delicious as they look.
and in this written world
there is no race religion nor human;
there is just-

i don’t need a reason.