August 5, 2010

Never written with themes like this before, it is a fair bit out of my comfort zone but here is a poem from the idea of “pepsi”. Clearly I do not drink it much!

we drink the same sickening sweetness
every time we go for lunch;
like an ant driven to a honey trap
we continue to consume,
following the queen’s command.

newcomers crawl over our bloated remains
floating atop a stagnant pool of ideas,
all to find a fresh flavour;
something more tasteful than the original.

born from taste, carried by desire,
this sweet intoxication attracts
like no drug can.



August 3, 2010

As the title says, the word was “semi-colon”.

your sentences are one period short
from a semi-colon;
neither relevant nor related
to the subject at hand-

you speak like a hurricane;
a myriad of misguided words
flung together haphazardly,
like your words sound stronger
when thrown with force.

i just wished you’d punctuate so
that i’d not need to read your
wall of text strung hastily
together from whence your mind
conjures conversation.

Inspirivate my pometry

August 3, 2010

I am feeling fairly creative and up for a challenge at the moment. I figured that I should do something about it otherwise I will lose this feeling.

So what do I propose? Inspire me!

Give me a word, saying, picture or piece of music and I will write a poem based on what I get out of that.
I don’t promise a poem for every naughty video or lolcat picture, but I will try to do what I can from the source material!

Let the ideas fly!