Stuff as of 11/7/10

July 11, 2010

I received a samsung home theatre package in the mail the other day by redemption and have been fairly excited about it. Even though I plan to sell it on ebay I will be using that money to subsidise a proper 2 channel system. Though I am not 100% sure on what I want to buy, since I want something that can do a variety of tasks but focusing on music rather than home theatre effects since I would like to use it for listening to CDs and music. Need to take a few photos before posting it up, but I have never sold anything on ebay so it shall be an interesting experience.

I have been training people for the past 2 weeks at work now, to prepare replacements for myself when I change departments. I am getting a bit tired of it since I have trained pretty much all the staff in the current team and I just want to move on to more exciting things. There will be 1 more person I need to train and then after that it will be done. I will be free to spread my wings so to speak and get out of doing onsite tech calls and into the fabulous world of networking. Or at least a world where I can enjoy the possibility of career progression.

New anime season started a week ago! My favourite so far is “Ookami san no shichinin nakamatachi”, since the female lead looks like an older Taiga. Quite clever sometimes in the way they link fables and fairytales into an anime storyline. Amagami SS is interesting but I have yet to decide if it is awesome yet, definitely something I will watch but people have been saying it is the next “True Tears” which I will reserve judgement on. The shows I am following have relatively slow subbers so I am slightly frustrated and behind on them, especially “Kaichou wa maido sama”, “rainbow” and “working!!”. Good things come to those who wait I hope!