Pome Time

June 7, 2010

Just an update on what I have been up to really.

  1. Monster hunter tri is on top of that list, it is an awesome game which you can sink countless hours into (of which I already have).
  2. New(found) music from Moumoon is fantastic, her voice sounds like a mix of everybody that I like and listen to, very versatile voice that fits well in any style. Angela Aki is still awesome though a different sound to Moumoon, more mature.
  3. Moving back home at the end of this week as well, so I will say goodbye to my bachelor pad.
  4. New 50″ samsung plasma currently in my room and a separate bluray home theatre package coming by redemption.
  5. With above, a total rearrangement of my room to accommodate the massive TV, and hugeass beanbag courtesy of sumolounge coming soon.
  6. Department change at work to something more challenging at last
  7. Probably writing lyrics for some friends who want to write a song

And finally, here is a pome for you all that I wrote during my absence inspired by Moumoon – Ai no Oto.

the sound of you

you deafen the room we are in
every time you come around;
you wipe the noise and static clear away
and fill it with the sound of you.

the rush hour traffic disappears
like a tourist’s quaint backstreet hideaway;
i can no longer hear the piano practice
held by a neighbouring musician,
nor the broadcast news describing
the breakthrough in communication-

but what do i say when all i hear
are her heels clacking to the floor,
the shifting of her coat as her handbag
slips off her shoulder to the ground,
the friction of her hair against her face
and the clack of the door behind her?

the sliding of stockings on floorboards
stops with a click of her tongue
and a flick of her hair into a neat knot.
“hopeless” she says;
as a knife slices through poorly chopped vegetables
and oil is brought to crackling heat.

and my heart exploding through my chest.

the brushing of sheets across our skin
like breaking waves
tell me everything i wanted to hear tonight-
the sound of your breathing in a quiet room
matches the beating in my heart;
as if we were one being split into two bodies.

if i were vision and hearing,
she would be my sight and sound
giving me meaning to exist.

the banal noise of every day
only serves as a painful reminder of my
when not engulfed

by the sound of you.