Self sufficiency

March 22, 2010

It has been 2 weeks since I have moved out. So far so good, I have migrated pretty much all my things across and am being fairly  self sufficient. Cooking for 1 is quite hard actually, since the volume of food I need to buy does not tend to come in single serves, usually in multiple serves of 2-4. That usually means I cook a large amount and have leftovers for the day after. Well buying food for one isn’t too hard but the cost is much higher than buying for 2 so the economies of scale just declines.

I had some troubles setting up my wireless to work but now it is all good; my wireless dongle decided to shit itself after 4 days of use so I had to go and buy a network card to ensure I won’t get dropouts and dodgy connections. Playing online games is terrible on a wireless connection and I am definitely having issues with packet loss which is causing me to rubberband a lot in Bad Company 2. This is especially tragic since I want to play this game competitively and it is a no-go with the sudden spikes and delays I get.

I have also started studying for my CCNA and hopefully plan to sit the exam before the year’s end; preferably before I move back in with my parents. However that is going quite slowly since I was never one for studying, let alone self motivated study.

More news later if I can manage to pull myself from all the other things I am doing.


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