FFXIII x360 prelaunch

March 3, 2010

I had the chance to go to the prelaunch tonight and it was quite fun getting to see the local retail version of the game in action! The graphics were quite amazing and I couldn’t tell that the cutscenes were rendered in 578p. People say that the PS3 version is miles above the x360 but I just don’t really see it, maybe a slight improvement at best but nothing groundbreaking really.

The event started off with the promo video in IMAX which I found to be spectacularly choreographed- too bad I was sitting near the front for some mysterious reason and was about to get whiplash from turning my head around so much. Then the organizers took us through a couple of prepared battles which showed the battle system which is unlike anything else on the market; it is even more streamlined than FFXII! The battles uses the ATB system and it is very very quick, it is pretty much real time battle where you can queue up actions to attack.

The localization is alright as well, the voice overs weren’t too bad at all and are probably one of the best works in a long time. The one issue I have is the facial expressions of the characters, they are sometimes a bit too subdued or too emotional compared to the VO’s. Probably since the script was written in Japanese and some sections are just more pronounced at different times compared to the English VO. I suppose there will always be issues like this, especially in plot and story heavy games with different language tracks. I really wish they kept the ability to listen to the original Japanese audio, the theme song is way better and much more appropriate than Leona Lewis’ song since it was written for the game.

Perhaps my thoughts are a little late considering the Japanese version came out last December and some people have already imported it and finished it, but I reckon it is probably more appropriate talking about the localized release since it is what most people are gonna get.


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