Game watch

February 24, 2010

I have been sidetracked from Bayonetta by playing Mass Effect 2. It is a much better game than the original in my opinion, it is a lot more well rounded, there are fewer sections to frustrate you esp the planetary exploration crap. The pacing is also a lot better, made me actually want to finish the game. I never did get through all of the original because I got to a point where I just didn’t care anymore, namely towards the end where there was no motivation to finish the game since the story has already been told.

ME2 has better story and the world is explained more clearly which I liked. The characters were also much more interesting and had more background which made me care more. Battles were fun but there really is only a number of combinations you can use your biotics; singularity/pull + warp/push. You either make your enemies explode or send them flying into space.

I played as an adept and found that singularity was the best skill to use against charging husks since you don’t even have to shoot them to kill them, set a singularity into the AI pathing and they all walk into it and die. I love abusing games to make it easier. The cooldowns really kill it for me though, since adept weapons suck and are inaccurate so I have to rely on biotics, really bad when I am being rushed. I do like how they now curve around objects now, helps a lot with drawing enemies out of cover and then pushing them into space.

With March coming around, I am gearing myself up for Bad company 2 and FF13 which will be quite epic.

I had a poem in my mind when I was driving today, but unfortunately lost the idea by the time i got home. Shame because I swear I would remember it if I heard the song that inspired me but I have been going through my playlist for a good half hour and couldn’t for the life of me find the damn thing. Maybe this Friday it will come back to me.


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