Guilty pleasure Bayonetta

February 17, 2010

You know that piece of chocolate in the box which looks damn strange but you can’t get enough of? That sums up Bayonetta very well. This game is strange and bloody hilarious and over the top with its fight sequences but holy shit is this a bucket of fun or is it just raining awesome? I have to admit I have never played Devil may cry and have no comparison to base my thoughts on, but this game cracks me up with its insanity.

I have played for about 3 hours but several words come to the top of my mind when I played this game, such as “holy shit I can’t believe she said that” and “oh my gawd there is a move called breakdance”. I can honestly say that I played through the first hour with my mouth open or laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing was. But I LOVED it. Even though I am quite horrible at this game since I have never played anything like it, dying only reduces my score so I can keep retrying the same level until I finish it, then replay the stage for a high score.

There is almost endless replay value to this game because it is semi-mindless fun, even though I spent most of my play time button bashing I realized that there are certain combos that fit for certain situations and that some combos can be canceled into others for an infinite chain. But really I am just having too much fun playing to concentrate on small things like that, I am just enjoying monsters blowing up and being crushed by hair.


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