Monday mayhem

February 15, 2010

Spent the night in Wollongong so that I could work today. Not really what I wished for since it is such a pain to get there and even worse to get back since there is no quick way of driving 90km out of Sydney. The only good thing out of this is that I wasn’t dead tired before I even began work, and that I had energy to do my job instead of starting tired.

I had to pick up my car (again) from the panel beater today too, coming back into Sydney took a while so I didn’t get the car until around 5pm today. I am just glad that everything is back to normal again, even if I am out of pocket by $1500. It was a bit funny driving my own car again since I had forgotten how different the driving position was compared to your standard family sedan or hatch ie LOW.

I had also finished dragon age on the weekend and the ending battle was quite epic and took me a bloody long time. I found on the 2nd attempt at the final battle that if you avoid fighting the goons you are pretty free to fight the archdemon which makes things a lot easier. By that time most enemies fall in 1 hit and I wasn’t sure if this was the scaling of the game or if it was designed like that anymore. Though I do believe that it was designed to be easy so that it would have a more epic feel to it. I am tempted to go through a 2nd playthrough, but I have a ton of games incoming and will not have the time to revisit for at least another few months.

FF13 is coming out, I am getting bayonetta hopefully this week, and battlefield bad company 2 will be on my to-buy list since I want to start a social clan. Not to mention I still haven’t finished Darksiders. Dragon Age really took a massive chunk of time out of me to be honest, I logged 50+ ingame hours, not to mention the amount of times I reloaded after I died and game load times.

If anybody is interested in a social clan for bf:bc2 with possible ladder comps let me know and I will see if it goes ahead.


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