Dragon age is destroying my blog

February 8, 2010

So I have not written a post for a good part of a week and you can all guess why. Dragon Age is addictive as crack and there is so much depth in the game that it is hard to stop diving into it to find something new.

For the first few hours it is extremely difficult, or so I found at least, since items were gold dust and impossible to source. Also you gained next to no money from the enemies as far as I knew. But later in the game it becomes quite a bit easier because of a rather cheap/simple tactic I employed to “buy” my levels. The first 10 hours of the game were rife with frustration but it was intriguing enough for me to explore deeper into how to effectively manage my characters skills and relationships.

It took me 10 hours of grueling saving and reloading just to get to the “midgame” or so I like to call it. Basically I finished recruiting the Dalish and they requested I support their troops by providing them with crafting materials. I am not sure if the developers realized this, but you can buy crafting materials fairly cheaply and I was fairly well off since there was nothing I could afford in the shops. So I bought probably thousands of crafting materials and donated them to my Dalish allies.

Incidentally I didn’t actually know that donating materials will net you experience points until I donated what I had on hand and realized that I had gained a level. What made this even more ironic was that I bought cheap crafting materials from the Dalish and donated them back to the Dalish to level myself up by buying the levels. I don’t know if this was deliberate but hey I made good use of this to get about 6 or 7 levels (from level 7). Now I gain levels faster by killing stuff so there is a point where this becomes much less cost effective (around level 15 I say).

There are some parts which are extremely difficult in this game though, and the difficulty is so varied that it is hard to judge whether or not I was meant to do that quest at a particular point in the game. I honestly don’t think that any casual player can pick this game up and enjoy it, due to the overwhelming depth and seemingly random difficulty of quests. I did choose a mage so they are fairly squishy, and I admit that I probably chose all the wrong skills since I went more support/crowd control instead of damage. Also because mages do more damage than tanks, they get enemy attention a LOT faster and so I died very quickly when the horde of enemies attacking my tank chose to switch targets to me after I cast frost on them to save him from 10 simultaneous mace strikes to the cranium.

Even with all my whinging I still play this game because it is so good and the story is quite epic. The game allows you to recruit 10 characters or so and you get to manage all their skill trees as well as your own, so when you level up, you level up 10 times. Which means 10 times the number of skill points to allocate and what-not. I actually didn’t do that from the start, I let them auto-level until level 12 and then I chose what skills they learnt just because it was too difficult to cope in certain situations.

Anyways I must get off this topic and find something else to do, like play the game instead of talking about it…


One Response to “Dragon age is destroying my blog”

  1. chordstricken said

    I have to admit, Dragon Age is still on my “To Play” list. Everyone I know who has played it tells me it’s fantastic and definitely worth spending a couple dozen on hours in the least. Great post, too, by the way. You don’t see many bloggers going so in-depth about the games they play. It’s refreshing.

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