Game watch

February 24, 2010

I have been sidetracked from Bayonetta by playing Mass Effect 2. It is a much better game than the original in my opinion, it is a lot more well rounded, there are fewer sections to frustrate you esp the planetary exploration crap. The pacing is also a lot better, made me actually want to finish the game. I never did get through all of the original because I got to a point where I just didn’t care anymore, namely towards the end where there was no motivation to finish the game since the story has already been told.

ME2 has better story and the world is explained more clearly which I liked. The characters were also much more interesting and had more background which made me care more. Battles were fun but there really is only a number of combinations you can use your biotics; singularity/pull + warp/push. You either make your enemies explode or send them flying into space.

I played as an adept and found that singularity was the best skill to use against charging husks since you don’t even have to shoot them to kill them, set a singularity into the AI pathing and they all walk into it and die. I love abusing games to make it easier. The cooldowns really kill it for me though, since adept weapons suck and are inaccurate so I have to rely on biotics, really bad when I am being rushed. I do like how they now curve around objects now, helps a lot with drawing enemies out of cover and then pushing them into space.

With March coming around, I am gearing myself up for Bad company 2 and FF13 which will be quite epic.

I had a poem in my mind when I was driving today, but unfortunately lost the idea by the time i got home. Shame because I swear I would remember it if I heard the song that inspired me but I have been going through my playlist for a good half hour and couldn’t for the life of me find the damn thing. Maybe this Friday it will come back to me.


Guilty pleasure Bayonetta

February 17, 2010

You know that piece of chocolate in the box which looks damn strange but you can’t get enough of? That sums up Bayonetta very well. This game is strange and bloody hilarious and over the top with its fight sequences but holy shit is this a bucket of fun or is it just raining awesome? I have to admit I have never played Devil may cry and have no comparison to base my thoughts on, but this game cracks me up with its insanity.

I have played for about 3 hours but several words come to the top of my mind when I played this game, such as “holy shit I can’t believe she said that” and “oh my gawd there is a move called breakdance”. I can honestly say that I played through the first hour with my mouth open or laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing was. But I LOVED it. Even though I am quite horrible at this game since I have never played anything like it, dying only reduces my score so I can keep retrying the same level until I finish it, then replay the stage for a high score.

There is almost endless replay value to this game because it is semi-mindless fun, even though I spent most of my play time button bashing I realized that there are certain combos that fit for certain situations and that some combos can be canceled into others for an infinite chain. But really I am just having too much fun playing to concentrate on small things like that, I am just enjoying monsters blowing up and being crushed by hair.

Monday mayhem

February 15, 2010

Spent the night in Wollongong so that I could work today. Not really what I wished for since it is such a pain to get there and even worse to get back since there is no quick way of driving 90km out of Sydney. The only good thing out of this is that I wasn’t dead tired before I even began work, and that I had energy to do my job instead of starting tired.

I had to pick up my car (again) from the panel beater today too, coming back into Sydney took a while so I didn’t get the car until around 5pm today. I am just glad that everything is back to normal again, even if I am out of pocket by $1500. It was a bit funny driving my own car again since I had forgotten how different the driving position was compared to your standard family sedan or hatch ie LOW.

I had also finished dragon age on the weekend and the ending battle was quite epic and took me a bloody long time. I found on the 2nd attempt at the final battle that if you avoid fighting the goons you are pretty free to fight the archdemon which makes things a lot easier. By that time most enemies fall in 1 hit and I wasn’t sure if this was the scaling of the game or if it was designed like that anymore. Though I do believe that it was designed to be easy so that it would have a more epic feel to it. I am tempted to go through a 2nd playthrough, but I have a ton of games incoming and will not have the time to revisit for at least another few months.

FF13 is coming out, I am getting bayonetta hopefully this week, and battlefield bad company 2 will be on my to-buy list since I want to start a social clan. Not to mention I still haven’t finished Darksiders. Dragon Age really took a massive chunk of time out of me to be honest, I logged 50+ ingame hours, not to mention the amount of times I reloaded after I died and game load times.

If anybody is interested in a social clan for bf:bc2 with possible ladder comps let me know and I will see if it goes ahead.

Haven’t done one of these in a while, nothing special though just playing with some spoken word.

I managed to find a new single from supercell with nagi/gazelle as the lead singer and I am quite hooked! Her first official song was awesome too and this just makes me love her even more as her voice is perfectly suited for this type of powerpop. She sings another song in the single which sounds greatly inspired from ryo’s hatsune miku days and that definitely sounded very different.

So I can speak my mind
with somewhat (not so) fancy words,
too bad I forgot that this diction
of mine is a victim of circumstance-

A poor excuse for lack of social grace
and situational self abuse;
they do act nicely as a shield
made of broken parts.

I talk from other’s experience
as I wield few of my own;
it’s too hard to start living life halfway
when I needed the whim yesterday.

You reveal too much of me and I cannot hide
in broad daylight anymore,
I am jealous to be honest and as such
feel the fleeting embarrassment you bestow on me.

You destroy my words because you
are more real than any fabrication
that I call true-
I only toy with words and meaning
and you with me.

Anime watch February

February 10, 2010

Really loving Katanagatari at the moment. Makes me wish I understood more japanese so I can understand the wittiness of the conversation better. I really love the way Nisio Ishin writes his stories, they focus more on the relationships between characters than the actions and the wordplay is very interesting.

The problem with the series is that it unfortunately seems that the animation quality has dropped or has become less consistent. I find that this is a rather common problem with a lot of hyped up anime, make a big impact with the first episode and slack off a bit in the hope that viewers don’t notice. Well they do notice and they do talk about it, but I suppose it gives the studios something to sell on dvd or blu-ray.

Darker than black gaiden has come out and I really enjoyed that too! Yin’s character really developed in the 1st series and it is extended into the OVA. Lolicon Hei is also pretty funny and sweet whilst his bk201 side is just as awesome and sober as ever. The 2nd series of DTB was a bit disappointing in my opinion, it didn’t give enough background into why Hei acted as he did and we have no explanation of Yin’s powers which is what the gaiden is supposed to provide. Somewhat backwards working and annoying for viewers but once again, the studios win.

Nodame Finale is coming along quite nicely, I am looking forward to seeing the ending, and hopefully it provides a nice conclusion for the NodamexChiaki relationship. At the moment it is building on the side character stories which is good and fine, but it inevitably must lead back to the star couple.

Gurren Lagaan movies are sitting on my computer and I need to watch them since they are apparently epic.

Dance in the vampire bund is not as interesting as I would have hoped. The manga is only up to about 30-40 chapters and reveals nothing of the main story arc so far so the anime will not be great, I might even stop watching it since I know there isn’t much to look forward to.

Also running out of japanese music, but I am waiting on a few singles to be released and look forward to tasting those.

So I have not written a post for a good part of a week and you can all guess why. Dragon Age is addictive as crack and there is so much depth in the game that it is hard to stop diving into it to find something new.

For the first few hours it is extremely difficult, or so I found at least, since items were gold dust and impossible to source. Also you gained next to no money from the enemies as far as I knew. But later in the game it becomes quite a bit easier because of a rather cheap/simple tactic I employed to “buy” my levels. The first 10 hours of the game were rife with frustration but it was intriguing enough for me to explore deeper into how to effectively manage my characters skills and relationships.

It took me 10 hours of grueling saving and reloading just to get to the “midgame” or so I like to call it. Basically I finished recruiting the Dalish and they requested I support their troops by providing them with crafting materials. I am not sure if the developers realized this, but you can buy crafting materials fairly cheaply and I was fairly well off since there was nothing I could afford in the shops. So I bought probably thousands of crafting materials and donated them to my Dalish allies.

Incidentally I didn’t actually know that donating materials will net you experience points until I donated what I had on hand and realized that I had gained a level. What made this even more ironic was that I bought cheap crafting materials from the Dalish and donated them back to the Dalish to level myself up by buying the levels. I don’t know if this was deliberate but hey I made good use of this to get about 6 or 7 levels (from level 7). Now I gain levels faster by killing stuff so there is a point where this becomes much less cost effective (around level 15 I say).

There are some parts which are extremely difficult in this game though, and the difficulty is so varied that it is hard to judge whether or not I was meant to do that quest at a particular point in the game. I honestly don’t think that any casual player can pick this game up and enjoy it, due to the overwhelming depth and seemingly random difficulty of quests. I did choose a mage so they are fairly squishy, and I admit that I probably chose all the wrong skills since I went more support/crowd control instead of damage. Also because mages do more damage than tanks, they get enemy attention a LOT faster and so I died very quickly when the horde of enemies attacking my tank chose to switch targets to me after I cast frost on them to save him from 10 simultaneous mace strikes to the cranium.

Even with all my whinging I still play this game because it is so good and the story is quite epic. The game allows you to recruit 10 characters or so and you get to manage all their skill trees as well as your own, so when you level up, you level up 10 times. Which means 10 times the number of skill points to allocate and what-not. I actually didn’t do that from the start, I let them auto-level until level 12 and then I chose what skills they learnt just because it was too difficult to cope in certain situations.

Anyways I must get off this topic and find something else to do, like play the game instead of talking about it…