Jumping on the iBandwagon (hurr hurr)

January 29, 2010

So much like the other million and a half blogs out there covering the Apple marketing machine I will let you know my thoughts on the iPad. Along with all the other confused and probably amused people out there I just have to ask why the name reminds us so much of an apple branded feminine hygiene product (even my sister agrees)? Seriously, the product is forever going to give this impression:

Moving on, the tech specs of the machine is rather hard to judge since it is using all new processing architecture; ie I don’t know how powerful it is. I believe that apple is trying to target users who want a netbook into buying one of these. That and their screaming rabid fanboys and girls who will brave apocalyptic conditions to line up for one. But really where does the iPad technically compete? If it is basically running the iPhone OS then it is just a really big iPod touch with more processing power! Will you pay $USD499 for an enlarged iPod touch?

The screen runs at 1024×768 which is a little disappointing for a 10 inch screen but I suppose any higher resolution would make it hard to type anything- or cut too deep into apple’s profit margins. There are no usb ports, I repeat NO usb ports on the tablet. If you need usb ports then you will need the iPad dock which is an additional accessory and in turn additional moolah you need to shell out. But really why would you need usb ports anyways when you can only transfer apple authorized files from the apple store or from itunes?

So not only is apple trying to sell an enlarged ipod touch for $499 under the guise of a netbook, but they are conflicting the utility of the netbook by restricting the material you are allowed to install into it. Nothing new there I suppose (see ipod/iphone). When you are shelling out your hard earned dough you should also note that multitasking is for suckers, since this $500 brick doesn’t do it. You are going to be just as special as all those other idiots you are lining up with when waiting to buy one.

My theory is that when people buy apple merchandise they are purchasing a lifestyle as opposed to a product. They are purchasing something which will enhance their image in some way shape or form towards their ideal self. I find that a bit sad since they rather spend money on changing something that cannot be bought. The reality of apple products is that nothing they make is new or is practically better than anything else on the market. Everything they make has been done elsewhere for cheaper and in my opinion if you buy an apple product then you are just another sucker with too much money on their hands.

What I would like to see is how we can implement this device in other fields. If we can unlock the hardware and open development up then I believe this device shows promise. Instead of focusing development on useless lightsaber apps imagine what you can do if you made the product more durable, stripped it of software/hardware locks and gave it to say doctors or field engineers. Too bad though, since that will destroy the “cool” hipster image that defines apple nowadays and it won’t happen.


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