So, now what?

January 27, 2010

Car audio has been installed and I couldn’t be happier! Took me long enough to get around to it and it’s good just to get it over and done with. Now I can sit in my car and crank that music up until I go deaf… more or less. The place I took it to was pretty far but they had awesome service and the installation was great; so you do get what you pay for.

Managed to score myself a brand new copy of Darksiders for $50 which I am pretty happy with. It is a mix between DMC and Zelda so really it is just a competitor to God of War. Never played GoW but I am liking Darksiders since it reminds me so much of Zelda! Equipment, chests, “heart pieces” mixed with a bit of combo fun, everything that is in Zelda, Darksiders has, even a trusty steed and an ultimate form! Still trying to finish off Lost Odyssey though, I just need a short break before I get back into it!

Moving out is temporarily put on hold until I can sort out a few issues regarding work, but I will get back to it soon enough!


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