January 20, 2010

I have recently had a chance to “test drive” my friend’s apartment for 6 months to try moving out away from home.  Have to say that I have been thinking about moving out for a long time and at long last I have an opportunity in front of me. My parents are fairly doubtful with regards to my personal and financial wellbeing in doing so but I believe it wouldn’t be too hard to prove them wrong.

Also getting my car audio stuff sorted tomorrow, quite excited to get it all done since it will be a professional install, not a backyard job like with my soarer. This means I will be without a car for 3 days, but at least I will be driving very happily when I get it back!

Haven’t been gaming much in the past few days, but I did win Darksiders off ebay so I need to pick it up on Saturday, which is coincidentally when I get the car back.


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