Poetry make-up Monday

January 18, 2010

Listening to some older Maaya Sakamoto stuff, especially loving her 30 minute night flight album. Her voice and lyrics are so gorgeous! This is inspired by her song “bokutachi ga koi o suru riyuu” – the reason we are in love. The song doesn’t actually have a lot of description but tells of the reason through actions and events. Even though there are no imagery the actions are much more interesting…

my reason

your eyes seem to light up so much more
than these stars we are gazing upon,
you point to constellations like an artist
displaying her own masterpiece.
i don’t know why we chose this place
but nonetheless i am grateful it exists;
if only to share this instant with you.

your eyes may be in the heavens,
but mine were always on you,
fixed; my absolute point of reference-

you flitter about just like these snowflakes
dancing in the park.
you leave angels in the snow but i
know that they are only moulds of the original.
soon the impressions will disappear
but the one you left in my mind will only fill
with longing.

my mind may wander away from you,
but unlike the snow
my love will never thaw-

intangible and indescribable;
if i could hold this feeling in my arms
i would never let it go.
but i thank you most of all, if only because
you are the one who is holding on so tight.


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