Weather in the red

January 13, 2010

It has been crazy hot and humid the past few days, especially when contrasted with the prior cool weather before; from a nice 20-25 degrees up to a tropical 30+. I hate this changing weather since you can’t ever adapt to it and it also messes with my cold/hot resistance. I usually acclimatise fairly well after a few days but it is wreaking absolute havoc on me since my body is prepared for warm temperatures and then it gets shoved into the oven. At least it has cooled down a bit back to 20-25 degrees for which I am grateful.

Currently I am thinking about moving out for a bit just to test the waters so to speak. I would be moving in with a friend who owns his own place so hopefully I get mates rates with the rent! Since this is a temporary thing I won’t want to put too much money into it either since I am not able to afford too much. It would be nice to live alone and do my own thing, as well as be able to prove that I can be independent to my parents. Moving out with a friend would make the place quite a bachelor pad since it will just be the two of us living there.

In gaming news, I am finishing off Lost Odyssey and my impressions of it at the 4th and final disc is very favourable. The story really moves along in the 3rd disc and much is revealed, the storytelling flashbacks are becoming more scarce which is a shame since I really enjoy reading them. The gameplay is quite rewarding though, since the difficulty seems to be just right- the game is not hard for the sake of being hard, but it is very challenging sometimes and I faced a few game overs before beating certain bosses. Not to blow my own horn but it has been a while since I have game overed so often in any JRPG.

Once I finish Lost Odyssey I do intend to buy either Bayonetta or Darksiders, or I could put off the purchase and finish off some post-game content in Lost Odyssey or Star Ocean. I think the latter is probably better for my wallet anyways.


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