Return to routine

January 8, 2010

Back to work I go. So far so good, I have been taking it fairly easy but there are a few changes coming on which I am somewhat looking forward to that will help me out.

In other news, I bought Lost Odyssey for x360 on Sunday and it is surprisingly good, however the graphics are showing their age somewhat, based on the U3 engine without much AA the character models are lacking compared to say PC graphics. With limited hardware I think that art direction should be the way to go since there is only so much one can do in optimization. Same goes with “Star Ocean: the last hope” which I recently finished, the graphics are fine, but I would prefer smoother and softer graphics and less sharp, detailed character models. The story of Lost Odyssey is great so far, even though I’ve only sunk in 20 hours or so, but what really stands out are the protagonist’s memories which are revealed as the game goes on. These memories are snapshots of Kaim’s 1000 year existence and shows the types of people that he has met in the past and what type of person he is.

Next game on my list is either Dragon age or Bayonetta, but there is a long way to go with Lost Odyssey, not to mention that I haven’t finished Forza3 yet.

Back to gaming I go!


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