Holiday stuff and miscellaneous

December 30, 2009

Holidays has been pretty relaxing for most part, I feel pretty refreshed after taking a few odd days off. Even though I went into work yesterday it was pretty relaxing without anybody there and I could do things at my own pace and get some minor things sorted. It feels pretty good to have less pressure and not deal with customers for a while. It was also amazingly quiet, with around 6 people in the office and only myself upstairs, so I could relax whilst doing work; an odd situation indeed.

I got a whole bunch of new music though, mostly old Maaya Sakamoto songs from her early albums like Dive and Grapefruit. Love her voice, she may not be an idol with great looks but she is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter and seiyuu. I love pretty much all of her songs and especially her seiyuu roles such as in Canaan and Kara no Kyoukai. Her singing voice is so different to her seiyuu voice, though I can tell that it has grown a bit deeper throughout the years by her music.

I also managed to get my hands on Mai Hoshimura’s “Piano Best” which contained 6 of her songs rearranged with her own piano composition. Also I am not 100% sure but I think that she rerecorded a couple of her songs because they sound different to the ones on her older albums.  I am a bit disappointed that she isn’t more popular with such a soothing voice and great piano talent. Her contract ended with Sony earlier this year as well and I have not heard of her being signed with another company yet. She is one of the singers who got me into Japanese music and it is a bit upsetting that she might fade into obscurity unless she is signed by a record company.

I also found myself with an abundance of bandwidth so I decided to download a series called “Welcome to the NHK” which was pretty interesting to watch. Animation quality varied greatly though, but I was surprised that Yui Makino the voice of Sakura from Tsubasa voiced the female lead Misaki. She has a really cute voice but hasn’t really starred in any other prominent series. The series is a bit odd though, the tension between characters always seems to reach boiling point and then diffuse unspectacularly with the exception of Hitomi’s offline meet arc. The focus is never clear in the series and switches back and forth between social commentary and relationship issues. However to be fair, I always preferred the romance/relationship side in many series and am not really familiar with this hikikomori culture since it is the first time I have even heard of it. Overall it was probably a series best watched slowly rather than in a period of 2 days.


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