December 14, 2009

Despite being the season for giving, I have realized my bank balance is getting a bit low lately and I have been launching an investigation of my spending to find out what I have used my money on in the past month…

Petrol: $380
Car transmission: $2800
Games and anime: $110
Fun stuff: $80

So I have gathered that my money has been primarily sunk into the car this month. I have also sold my headlights for $350 cash so I have been using that to pay for my fast food and going out mostly. But really the petrol is a phenomenal amount, $380 worth of petrol in a month. Even though I average about 14-15L/100km I still managed to fill up about 6 times in a month, though admittedly I had to fill up 3 cars during the past month. Also I put about 15% of my income into savings and another 15% into board/rent so a lot of my money goes into that, leaving me with not much to be perfectly honest.

I guess I will have to keep track of these expenses and try to get on top of my saving, since the next thing I am aiming for is a house. That might take a good few years.


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