I am still alive

December 7, 2009

After a week alone by myself I have survived contrary to popular belief. I have eaten much spagbol and frozen fried rice and have managed to beat the odds to live and eat more frozen fried rice and leftovers. My lunch today consisted not of the usual Maccas but leftover subway from yesterday’s lunch which was very cost effective. Dinner will consist of last night’s leftovers from a local restaurant. As you can see I am living the high life, eating leftovers and whatever the hell else is in my fridge/freezer.

I am really just too lazy to cook anything since I am so slow at making anything and if I did cook then all that frozen food will go to waste. Probably not the best diet in the world but at least I am getting some sort of nutrition. I am currently waiting for some DVDs to come in the mail since they have been shipped last Friday. I have also lost a bunch of CDs I kept in the car which is very sad news for me, since they are probably the only CDs that I have ever bought.


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