By myself

December 2, 2009

Well I am king of the house until Christmas time. Nobody is home and I have to take care of everything by myself until my family returns. It’s a little bit lonely since I usually go bug someone when I am bored, but there is nobody to talk to at home. At least I don’t get pestered by my mum all the time and just do whatever.

Recently I have just been rewatching anime and following my series. I am taking a break from my PC and xbox gaming so that I can “recover”, too much of a good thing sometimes kills the enjoyment. Forza3 is pretty much endless though, I am only about halfway at level 27 out of a possible 50. Money is also hard to come by in that game so I have to tune slowly. I have also reached a bit of a plateau with SF4, putting in anymore effort will draw negligible results so I will have to settle with where I am. Borderlands is coming along slowly too, I have stopped playing that since I am on the 2nd playthrough and am in no rush to finish the game again. Maybe when I decide to buy the expansion I will pick it up again.

It is a bit hard getting my car to and from a mechanic since I need to get a friend to drive me there, but at least now everything is done. Body work has been completed and transmission has been replaced, all that remains is for me to pay them… a rather hefty sum of $2800. But at least I get to enjoy my car at long last!


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