Away for a bit

November 25, 2009

Due to my grandad’s passing I will be in HK until Monday. It will be a very brief trip since I need to get back to work to bring things back under control.

On an unrelated note, I just finished watching an anime series called “True Tears”. It was a very interesting series which is a little deeper than your average school harem story. I found it to be very very nicely animated and the characters quite real besides Noe who stood out like a sore thumb. Her character didn’t have the same believability as either Ai or Hiromi, fitting into the more enigmatic/strange girl stereotype. I didn’t like her character nor that of her brother because they were the only part of the anime which stood out oddly. I reckon the story could have replaced her with someone less… queer.

If anything, I would compare this series to “5cm per second”, the animation was very well done and the theme of unrequited love is prominent in both- but in this case the love is returned and acknowledged. True tears is a fairly serious and slow paced anime, so it’s definitely not for everybody. I actually liked the characterization though, Hiromi was rather callous and bitchy but you could understand where she came from, the side story between Ai and Miyokichi actually tied in well with the main story too helping highlight the main themes and creating new ones.

Now I need to find myself another anime to watch, I was thinking of buying Rahxephon but I am worried about translation quality after buying GTO and finding the translations lacking.


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