Bad drivers

November 23, 2009

Well this weekend as I was driving to place to place I ran into quite a lot of bad drivers, especially P platers. I was almost merged into by someone who didn’t check their blind spot and ignored my beeping as they attempted to join their mazda 121 into my loaned barina. I mean for fuck’s sake I know I am driving a small car, but if they bothered to turn their head over their shoulder they probably would’ve seen an angry asian guy flipping them off and backed off. Or if they weren’t deaf they probably could’ve heard my beeping as they edged closer and closer to my car.

Another case was when I was driving home from the city, a P plater seemed to be drunk and swerving in and out of his lane. Unfortunately I was driving behind him and had to bear with it until I reached the highway where I overtook him 2 lanes away just in case he decided to swerve into me. Despite all the new laws aimed at making drivers more competent the flood of human stupidity still overflows this barrier, letting these failtastic drivers onto our roads.

On the flipside, sometimes they produce entertaining results; like a ute ploughing into the curb whilst attempting to turn left because he was driving too fast and understeering. I was standing on the pavement watching the ute screech to a grounding halt, blocking half the road. He eventually dismounts the curb, all to the cacophony of beeping from all the cars he blocked.

This is partially why I try not to hurry anywhere when I am driving, or try not to be nervous. If you try to be rushed, there is more likelihood of getting into an accident. Even if I am late to something I would try my best not to rush since there is more risk than reward. This is especially true when I use my car for work and if I was without a car then it would mean I could be out of a job. Accidents are also expensive and inconvenient affairs and it is best to get by without being involved in something so troublesome.


One Response to “Bad drivers”

  1. Jay said

    There is an app for the iPhone called BadDriver where you can complain about people’s driving too. You put in their license plate and it gives them a ticket tracked by tag.

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