Poetry Friday

November 20, 2009

A rather uninspired Friday poem akin to squeezing blood from a stone.

On a tangential note, I have been playing Forza3 at the moment and am currently aiming for top 20% of all circuit rankings, hopefully I will get there with some practice and driving time with my tuned exige. I am having a bit of issues tuning the car since I am now focusing on adding horsepower, and am finding that the suspension is having some troubles putting the power to the ground. The balance of the car is great but the issue is that because the car is so light, it is very very hard to use all the power on tap and control it. 800kg car with 380kw is a bit difficult to handle. Also I am having some troubles understanding some settings when tuning the car, so I am using a trial and error approach to see what improvements can be made.

coffee cup

the coffee sits cold on the counter,
mixed with excuses for cowardice
and two teaspoons of regret-

it was warm just moments ago
with the excitement of shared company,
anticipating a celebration
it only found a wake.

it was held in comfortable hands
and lulled by friendly words
before being let down by an unwanted

he should have been more forward
in his actions and his words,
not averting eyes
like a suspicious wanderer.

he only stood and listened
to her unbridled enthusiasm,
putting down his hopes
with the lukewarm mug.

she was so beautiful like this,
speaking of futures and ideals
far beyond his grasp.
she deserved better than his selfishness.

but she knew it all;
she had to be cruel to be kind.
“save me a mug” she said,
but they knew that these were just

hollow words.


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