As if things could get any worse

November 9, 2009

I noticed on Friday that my transmission seemed to be slipping in my 1 month old car so I took it to a mechanic on Saturday to confirm my worst fears. I need a transmission rebuild. Basically whenever my transmission tries to change gears it feels like the teeth don’t lock and the gear doesn’t engage but rather slips into neutral before biting. It tends to be a problem in my model of preludes but I assumed I would be ok since the car has done so little kms. Clearly I misjudged.

Now between getting the car repaired from the accident and my grandfather’s funeral I will also have to find time to send the car to the mechanic to sort this out. I don’t know how long I can keep driving the car until the transmission blows chunks on me but I was advised that it might still have 6 months on it if I baby it when I drive. My plan is to get body damage repaired first since that has been put off long enough and my body shop is quite busy, then straight after that I will send it for a transmission rebuild.

Hopefully this is the end of my dramas and I can enjoy my Christmas season.


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