Driving and Forza3

October 26, 2009

It has been quite a funny weekend since Forza3 was released on Friday. I finished work which consisted of me driving to customer’s houses all day, went home and played Forza, a driving sim. Then today I went go-karting which involved more driving. You would think that after so much driving that I would get a bit tired of it. And I am somewhat tired of driving now because I have overloaded a bit on that aspect of my life.

Onto Forza3, I quite like the game, despite never being that into racing sims and preferring games like need for speed and initial D which stray pretty far off the realism scale into the stratosphere. It is pretty forgiving I would say, since it has a very handy rewind feature which lets me learn to slow down and has a lot of aids which help my craptastic racing skills. I especially like the braking line guide since I am a horrible judge of braking power. I also love to brake as late as possible which is pretty risky since braking too late can mean a unrecoverable slide into the wall or gravel pit.

Even my sister likes playing the game every now and then, most probably because I bought it with a steering wheel and it is quite novel. What I also like is the amount of tuning that can be done. You can even do engine swaps (albeit limited in the types of swaps)! I am pretty novice at the tuning aspect so I spent a good few hours changing settings on a lotus exige to see what changes can be felt. Still have a lot to figure out but I am having fun just tuning the car to peak performance.

In every racing game I love using the elise and the exige because they just handle so well it should be criminal. No other car is as easy to handle in racing games than the pair of lotuses. Probably because it substitutes for driver skills but I digress. I strongly recommend anyone with an x360 to pick up forza3 since it is a must buy for the platform!


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