Pometry Friday

October 23, 2009

I had an idea, but by the time I remembered to write about it it had already disappeared on me. I hate it when that happens; when you lose sight of an idea that you are so fixated on in the past and cannot relive it. Such is life though, there are moments where you try to hold in your memory but over time it will fade like a newspaper clipping. The poem is a bit of a mishmash of ideas that decided to enter my brain based on that one theme.


your hands slide over mine
holding like velcro straps;
tightly and never letting go
we clasp and merge two bodies
with one shared soul.

i trace over your supple palms
with my coarse fingers
and notice that our lifelines match
like fated lovers.

these hands have held each other tight,
spannings seas and galaxies
and even across the stars at night-
i can feel your fingers
wrapping around my own when we are apart,
it’s like our souls are linked.

one day i know, i will have to let go
to send you away.
i’ll rue the day when it comes,
but until then,
let me keep holding your hand;
because it’s the least that we can do
as lovers.


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