Working early

October 21, 2009

I have started filling in for a 6am-230pm shift at work and I have to say that it was quite different to what I am used to. For one thing, I have to push back my bedtime by 3 hours to 9 or 10pm otherwise I would collapse in the middle of the day or fall asleep at the wheel. Secondly, I have so much more time to potentially get things done since I finish in the middle of the arvo. Lastly, there is also no traffic at 530 in the morning so it only takes about 15 minutes to get to work as opposed to 30.

Only problem is that I am pretty tired at the end of the day since my body is still getting used to the weird hours. Hopefully I will get things sorted out in the coming weeks with the free arvos.

Recently I have started following some old anime which I have been interested in but never had the chance to watch, such as Gurren Lagaan and Eureka 7. Both are surprisingly entertaining actually, despite the fact that they are shonen and pretty mainstream. Only issue I have are with some characters, they do get annoying after a while. Too bad my download limit is so small otherwise I would watch the whole lot in a few long sittings as opposed to watching 1 a day if that.

My holy grail of anime has also been missing for a while and if anybody knows where it went please let me know since I miss it.


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