Blessings in disguise

October 19, 2009

As you may all know, in the past month or two I was involved in 2 accidents already and I have had my share of frustrations in dealing with it all. Most people get angry when these things happen and rightfully so, especially when it is a misfortune that is not their fault. They would start wondering why these things would happen to them even though it is so unfair. “I didn’t do anything wrong”, “it wasn’t my fault”, thoughts like that would run through their mind. Alternatively they may think “how could I have avoided it?”, “what could I have reacted to minimize the impact?”.

But what I realized is that not many people would be immediately grateful that it wasn’t worse. It is not something that would come to mind at the time of the incident. I guess sometimes the frustration gets to you more than the realization that you are still safe and unhurt. The thought that material damage is more important than physical damage is slightly scary when you think of it that way. You realize that you are more worried about the potential impact on your daily life than the simple fact that your daily life can still continue.

Maybe sometimes these accidents aren’t accidents at all but just a test of character for me. Nonetheless it is something that needs to be dealt with and definitely something that I will learn from.


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