October 14, 2009

It’s a funny thing when you own something, it is completely different to when you want the object of your desire. Sometimes you might want a fat juicy steak but once you have eaten it it just becomes a satisfying memory. I don’t know if it is a lack of appreciation or what it is exactly. I suppose owning something and wanting something are two separate things.

When do you draw the line where something you want suddenly becomes something you must have? A curious line to be sure. I suppose “when it makes sense to own” would be a fair answer but there are so many variables in that answer that it is almost as ambiguous as the question raised.

Say you go watch a movie, what makes you decide to buy the dvd? Or if you hear a song on the radio when would you choose to buy the album or single? Maybe you played a game at a friend’s and decide to buy a copy for yourself. But these are experiences we are talking about.

So what about a new computer? A new fridge? New carpets or new garden ornament?

I guess what I might be getting at is how different people approach these issues of ownership in various ways; how one person’s justification can be another’s reason not to own a certain object.

That’s all that is in my head for today, until next time!


One Response to “Ownership”

  1. Tina said

    I know what u mean..hehe.
    I had two movies that i realli wanted to own, and i checked out in every stores, but cudnt find it. eventually i bought them over the internet. was it a waste of money?i dunno, but i realli wanted to watch it and own them..lolz

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