About cars and stuff

October 7, 2009

I am buying another car now and there are a lot of things that a person has to go through in order to buy a car. Firstly you have to find the right vehicle, and then comes the mountain of paperwork and insurance shopping. Finding a car is frustrating enough with the amount of lemons and shady owners in the 2nd hand car market. On top of the price of the vehicle you have to pay rego and stamp duty, not to mention insurance.

Insurance is as annoying buying the car itself since you have to shop around for the best price and policy. Being a young driver it is also very hard to get a good cheap policy since everybody under 25 has been marked with a big fat DANGER sign by insurance companies. Although statistically justified, I still resent that fact that I have to pay more for being young.

The prelude is a lot more economical, clocking in at a comparatively frugal 10-12L/100km to the titanic 15L/100km figure I seem to average on the soarer. Insurance and maintenance is also cheaper, so in the long term it is a cheaper and more affordable choice. Though I am somewhat irked about the comparative lack of power, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for economy.

I recently bought myself a nokia e63 to use for work as well and it is turning out quite nice with the email functions and the shiny features. It does everything I want it to and then some so I have no complaints. The problem now is that I have 2 phone numbers and I only want to carry 1 phone. At the moment I have diverted all calls to my new phone since the old phone is dying, hopefully I can get a phone from work to use as my personal phone as roundabout as that may be.


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