Poetry Friday – inspired by you know what

October 2, 2009

From being influenced by the last episode of bakemonogatari comes this Friday’s poem. It was so amazingly romantic in the most unusual way that I just had to write something about it. It was the best episode of anything this year.


this is it you know?
i have shown you all of me;
everything that your eyes have seen
from the clothes on my back
to the core of my being
this is it-
this is everything i can give.

my two hands which hold you tight,
the whispered words we shared tonight,
even these tender words i try to write
despite the fact that imperfect as i am,
this is where i stand-

i don’t own much to please you with,
but i have grown to need you
like a flower needs the sun.
so i will give my words to you
and as much power as they convey;
as such i can only give you all of me.

my body and my soul,
this is everything you know?
all of me from head to toe,
all i own and everything i know
i entrust it all to you-

my deepest secrets and darkest fears;
my greatest happiness and saddest tears;
the scars i bear
and even those wounds still raw;
as i have said before, this is all i have
in my entirety
and i hope that you can see
that you are my eternity and
that i need.


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