Eureka 7 inspired poem today. Renton is quite an interesting character, I love how he aspires to be a man when he is just a kid. He knows it too, the fact that the number of things he has are few, but the value that they hold are so rich. The coupling of Renton and Eureka is also very cute and that is why I wrote this poem. Also the first closing theme song paints a beautiful picture of this relationship – “Takada Kozue – himitsu kichi”. In general her songs are all pretty much like that, painting a picture of youth. I sound like the oldest person ever writing that despite my age though, so I will let the poem do the rest of the talking.

when i was little

when i was little
i looked at you with puppy dog eyes;
i didn’t know the meaning behind why
my heart would start beating
faster and faster
whenever you would come into view.

but somehow i knew
that this feeling is to be preserved
and protected.
since though i didn’t have anything
it made you so much more important.

i wanted to grow up for you,
even to grow old with you,
to be like my grandparents
(but not as wrinkly).
at that moment
i can only be a puppy dog
trying hard to guard your door.

when i was little
i didn’t have much at all,
i just wanted to be an adult for you
because that was the only
certain thing i had.


Eureka7 + Gurren Lagann

October 28, 2009

I just started watching this anime and I cannot get enough of it. Basically it is part love story, part mecha battle, part conspiracy intrigue. The story follows 14 year old Renton who has always dreamt of being a “reffer” which is pretty much a person who surfs in the air using a ref board; the most famous reffers being an organization called Gekko State. One day Renton is drawn into the organization by a girl who pilots one of those mechs and the story then begins.

The characterization and personal development is what really interests me, because the main characters feel so real and fragile. Renton isn’t your typical shonen protagonist who grows stronger piloting the mecha; although he does become a better pilot, the focus is on his character growth and on him growing up and learning about people and the world he lives in. Most of the time he is a weak boy who tries to be strong for the girl that he loves, Eureka. Oh how he tries and luckily succeeds in protecting her in times of need. Where most shonen series show the main character defeated by the bad guy, Renton is more easily defeated by his own emotions and his relationships with his allies than anything else.

In contrast, Holland is the one who is portrayed as being the strongest mecha pilot, but for me he becomes somebody who I love to hate even without trying. His character is arrogant and callous yet charismatic; it is his selfishness that easily brings him down. It seems that he only cares about himself and is continuously running away from his personal problems. Being the leader of Gekko State he seems to be using his crew for his own purposes which have yet to be revealed in the 23 episodes I have seen so far.

Another anime which I have grown a liking for is Gurren Lagann. It is quite an epic anime full of over the top action mixed with some interesting themes of sacrifice and perseverance through adversity. The first 8 or so episodes only build up the rest of the story and I didn’t like the protagonist Simon very much since he was so damn whiny. But after that it gets better as he goes through a change. There are some things which weren’t developed very well in this series (namely the character relationships) but generally it was great in that the action never let up all throughout the 27 episodes. I’d like to watch the movies to see what they did differently (if anything), but that will have to wait for another day.

Driving and Forza3

October 26, 2009

It has been quite a funny weekend since Forza3 was released on Friday. I finished work which consisted of me driving to customer’s houses all day, went home and played Forza, a driving sim. Then today I went go-karting which involved more driving. You would think that after so much driving that I would get a bit tired of it. And I am somewhat tired of driving now because I have overloaded a bit on that aspect of my life.

Onto Forza3, I quite like the game, despite never being that into racing sims and preferring games like need for speed and initial D which stray pretty far off the realism scale into the stratosphere. It is pretty forgiving I would say, since it has a very handy rewind feature which lets me learn to slow down and has a lot of aids which help my craptastic racing skills. I especially like the braking line guide since I am a horrible judge of braking power. I also love to brake as late as possible which is pretty risky since braking too late can mean a unrecoverable slide into the wall or gravel pit.

Even my sister likes playing the game every now and then, most probably because I bought it with a steering wheel and it is quite novel. What I also like is the amount of tuning that can be done. You can even do engine swaps (albeit limited in the types of swaps)! I am pretty novice at the tuning aspect so I spent a good few hours changing settings on a lotus exige to see what changes can be felt. Still have a lot to figure out but I am having fun just tuning the car to peak performance.

In every racing game I love using the elise and the exige because they just handle so well it should be criminal. No other car is as easy to handle in racing games than the pair of lotuses. Probably because it substitutes for driver skills but I digress. I strongly recommend anyone with an x360 to pick up forza3 since it is a must buy for the platform!

Pometry Friday

October 23, 2009

I had an idea, but by the time I remembered to write about it it had already disappeared on me. I hate it when that happens; when you lose sight of an idea that you are so fixated on in the past and cannot relive it. Such is life though, there are moments where you try to hold in your memory but over time it will fade like a newspaper clipping. The poem is a bit of a mishmash of ideas that decided to enter my brain based on that one theme.


your hands slide over mine
holding like velcro straps;
tightly and never letting go
we clasp and merge two bodies
with one shared soul.

i trace over your supple palms
with my coarse fingers
and notice that our lifelines match
like fated lovers.

these hands have held each other tight,
spannings seas and galaxies
and even across the stars at night-
i can feel your fingers
wrapping around my own when we are apart,
it’s like our souls are linked.

one day i know, i will have to let go
to send you away.
i’ll rue the day when it comes,
but until then,
let me keep holding your hand;
because it’s the least that we can do
as lovers.

Working early

October 21, 2009

I have started filling in for a 6am-230pm shift at work and I have to say that it was quite different to what I am used to. For one thing, I have to push back my bedtime by 3 hours to 9 or 10pm otherwise I would collapse in the middle of the day or fall asleep at the wheel. Secondly, I have so much more time to potentially get things done since I finish in the middle of the arvo. Lastly, there is also no traffic at 530 in the morning so it only takes about 15 minutes to get to work as opposed to 30.

Only problem is that I am pretty tired at the end of the day since my body is still getting used to the weird hours. Hopefully I will get things sorted out in the coming weeks with the free arvos.

Recently I have started following some old anime which I have been interested in but never had the chance to watch, such as Gurren Lagaan and Eureka 7. Both are surprisingly entertaining actually, despite the fact that they are shonen and pretty mainstream. Only issue I have are with some characters, they do get annoying after a while. Too bad my download limit is so small otherwise I would watch the whole lot in a few long sittings as opposed to watching 1 a day if that.

My holy grail of anime has also been missing for a while and if anybody knows where it went please let me know since I miss it.

Blessings in disguise

October 19, 2009

As you may all know, in the past month or two I was involved in 2 accidents already and I have had my share of frustrations in dealing with it all. Most people get angry when these things happen and rightfully so, especially when it is a misfortune that is not their fault. They would start wondering why these things would happen to them even though it is so unfair. “I didn’t do anything wrong”, “it wasn’t my fault”, thoughts like that would run through their mind. Alternatively they may think “how could I have avoided it?”, “what could I have reacted to minimize the impact?”.

But what I realized is that not many people would be immediately grateful that it wasn’t worse. It is not something that would come to mind at the time of the incident. I guess sometimes the frustration gets to you more than the realization that you are still safe and unhurt. The thought that material damage is more important than physical damage is slightly scary when you think of it that way. You realize that you are more worried about the potential impact on your daily life than the simple fact that your daily life can still continue.

Maybe sometimes these accidents aren’t accidents at all but just a test of character for me. Nonetheless it is something that needs to be dealt with and definitely something that I will learn from.


October 14, 2009

It’s a funny thing when you own something, it is completely different to when you want the object of your desire. Sometimes you might want a fat juicy steak but once you have eaten it it just becomes a satisfying memory. I don’t know if it is a lack of appreciation or what it is exactly. I suppose owning something and wanting something are two separate things.

When do you draw the line where something you want suddenly becomes something you must have? A curious line to be sure. I suppose “when it makes sense to own” would be a fair answer but there are so many variables in that answer that it is almost as ambiguous as the question raised.

Say you go watch a movie, what makes you decide to buy the dvd? Or if you hear a song on the radio when would you choose to buy the album or single? Maybe you played a game at a friend’s and decide to buy a copy for yourself. But these are experiences we are talking about.

So what about a new computer? A new fridge? New carpets or new garden ornament?

I guess what I might be getting at is how different people approach these issues of ownership in various ways; how one person’s justification can be another’s reason not to own a certain object.

That’s all that is in my head for today, until next time!

Shit happens

October 12, 2009

Well I have bought a new car on Thursday, and by some unfortunate twist of fate it has already been involved in an accident. I am fairly pissed off about this since I now have to go through a frustrating ordeal of getting the car repaired which will take at least a week or two. A truck swiped the side of my car when I left it in a parking lot, luckily I got his details and will be claiming all repairs from his insurance company. The thing I am frustrated about is that if I didn’t drive the car on Saturday I would never have gotten into this mess. Repairs will likely take a few days as well so the process will probably take about 2-3 weeks in total before I have my car in perfect condition again.

I pray that everything goes smoothly because this is becoming a thorn in my side having to deal with car stuff.

About cars and stuff

October 7, 2009

I am buying another car now and there are a lot of things that a person has to go through in order to buy a car. Firstly you have to find the right vehicle, and then comes the mountain of paperwork and insurance shopping. Finding a car is frustrating enough with the amount of lemons and shady owners in the 2nd hand car market. On top of the price of the vehicle you have to pay rego and stamp duty, not to mention insurance.

Insurance is as annoying buying the car itself since you have to shop around for the best price and policy. Being a young driver it is also very hard to get a good cheap policy since everybody under 25 has been marked with a big fat DANGER sign by insurance companies. Although statistically justified, I still resent that fact that I have to pay more for being young.

The prelude is a lot more economical, clocking in at a comparatively frugal 10-12L/100km to the titanic 15L/100km figure I seem to average on the soarer. Insurance and maintenance is also cheaper, so in the long term it is a cheaper and more affordable choice. Though I am somewhat irked about the comparative lack of power, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for economy.

I recently bought myself a nokia e63 to use for work as well and it is turning out quite nice with the email functions and the shiny features. It does everything I want it to and then some so I have no complaints. The problem now is that I have 2 phone numbers and I only want to carry 1 phone. At the moment I have diverted all calls to my new phone since the old phone is dying, hopefully I can get a phone from work to use as my personal phone as roundabout as that may be.

Sleep deprived

October 5, 2009

I had 3 hours of sleep and just pulled a 6am-2pm shift at work. I am a bit tired. But in other news I am in final negotiations in buying a new car, so I shall see how that goes very shortly. My sister also downloaded a fake torrent file and has now used up 700mb in unwatchable material, I don’t really care what she downloads as long as it isn’t wasted so this kinda annoys me since we only have 12+24gb in a month and I am a pretty heavy user.