Senjougahara… tore

September 30, 2009

I think the general consensus on Bakemonogatari is that it will live on as one of the best anime in recent memory. Nisi Oisin is a bloody genius with the characterization and SHAFT really animates the series quite splendidly, though they had quite a few quality issues during the series. I would learn Japanese if this anime does not get an english distribution, seriously, I would learn just to read the novels! The art style goes hand in hand with the whacky and unique characters, since they all have something special and different to most characters I have seen in anime.

The final broadcast episode of Bakemonogatari takes us along Senjou and Araragi’s first date which is exciting in itself. As always Senjou is the biggest tease and does the unexpected in the lunch scene which was amazingly cute, we could see that her character has softened and she even laughs, albeit awkwardly. The date was like the first date from hell really, Senjou takes Araragi to a car… driven by her dad. Because meeting the parent on the first date is my ideal date too.

Senjou is like a wolf on a wounded lamb when she sees Araragi’s discomfort and pounces like a fat kid on cake just to tease the crap out of him as well, typical behaviour which everybody has learnt to love! She even dirty talks his ear off in the car whilst her father was driving, holy shit that is amazing. Araragi was even asked if he loved her in the car, that is a nightmare date if I ever saw one.

The conversation with Gendou Ikari… I mean Senjou senior was quite moving. He was so grateful that Hitagi found happiness and even told Araragi to take care of her, which he may have well said that they should get hitched already. I wasn’t sure who they would’ve used for the VA but it was the perfect voice for him after watching this episode, someone who is somewhat scary… like Hitagi!

The final scenes were so emotionally powerful and draws a perfect conclusion (or beginning) to the SenjouXAraragi relationship. Senjou is surprisingly blunt and honest (in a good way) and opens up to Araragi in a way that has not been seen before. This entire episode pretty much highlighted the character development of Senjou through meeting Araragi, showing how she has transformed from an scared introverted girl to a more open and caring girlfriend. The way she acts and talks is totally different, she even tries to be polite in asking Araragi to go on a date instead of demanding it… even though she demanded it in the end because that was all she knew to do to protect herself. The ending was just beautiful, summing up the romantic relationship between the lovers perfectly.

This episode is probably my favourite of the entire series, beating out the Senjou scenes in Mayoi snail arc. I would go as far to say that no other anime “finale” I have ever seen is as romantic as this. The mix of uniqueness and hilarity makes this romance special and the characters complement each other perfectly. This amazing series will rate at the top of my watching list forever. Now all I have to do is watch the remaining 3 episodes and I will die a happy man!


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