Poetry Friday: spoken word

September 25, 2009

I think I may have missed a few weeks of poetry so I shall attempt to make up for it with a little bit of spoken word. Spoken word poetry is a bit different in that it needs to be read aloud to be appreciated since it is more songlike than typical freeverse.

I write this for my cat muse head crush for whom I (always) owe a poem.

fly to the moon

let us fly to the moon
for it comes as no surprise
that the sun shall rise with the morning-

soon the day will come to chase away
the romance of the night;
so let us take flight with this
fleeting moonlight
and make a future with our own two hands.

i want no regrets to introspect,
nor wounds to suture shut,
so come, and away with us now
i will show you how to live together
forever and a day.

even if, by circumstance we became lost as lambs
and wandered amidst the sands of time
eye to eye and hand in hand,
i truly wouldn’t mind.

and if then by happenstance we found our way again
then i’d say that it’d be fine-
as long as i could call you mine
i will write poetry and song and stall
death himself to keep you in my arms.

i only wish to calm your fears
and dry your tears in your darkest hours,
to be your light here and now;
so surrender your sorrows and look ahead
to a bright tomorrow with me.


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