SF4 fail

September 23, 2009

I have played SF4 for a while, probably at least once a week for several months now since June/July, using the same character. Every now and again I would try someone new but in the end I would always go back to my main. There reaches a point in every game when it suddenly stops being fun and just becomes too much effort to get any better at it and I am currently at that point. I have gotten to a stage where I am good enough to beat most casual players but not good enough to put much resistance in the more professional circuit. I get no satisfaction from beating novices and I get frustrated losing all the time to the pros. I also seem to have reached a plateau where I cannot improve anymore without putting in training hours which I believe are a waste of time since nobody really wants to practice playing a game when they can actually play the game. It then becomes more of a chore than an exercise in relaxation.

It also seems that all the interesting characters that I like playing are weak or very hard to use or a combination of both. For those who are interested I main c.viper and dabble in some el fuerte and rufus. Viper is incredibly hard to play with no good normals and she is probably the reason I keep getting creamed. I cannot do complex button and controller inputs to perform the moves that is required of high level play and I refuse to practice since it is not very fun doing 1 thing over and over. Seismo SJ cancels are probably her best zoning tool but I could swear it is impossible on a x360 joystick, also link chains seem to be very hard for viper as well as the high risk involved in trying to do them.

After looking a frame data charts, I also realized that Viper’s normals are slower, weaker and has less priority than anybody else’s attacks which dampens my SF spirit greatly. Also seeing her around the middle of the tier list is a bit disappointing too.

I decided that I am going to give SF4 a rest for a long time and play something else since I get more frustrated playing than anything else.


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