Shit happens Friday

September 18, 2009

If I have not already cried about it to you, recently I was involved in a car accident which will most likely leave my car written off as a repairable wreck. I braked late at a stop sign and the 4WD behind me rear-ended me pretty heavily and hence now my car has a huge dent in the back. Luckily my car is pretty tanky so I didn’t suffer any injuries. I am currently waiting for my car to be assessed so I know how much it is worth. I have also been told that I have salvage rights to the wreck and I will be stripping my car to sell parts if that is the case.

I need to buy a new car now and I have been considering getting another soarer or a v35 skyline. I welcome all sympathy donations to the “buy sto a new car” fund lol.

No poem today because I am in mourning and a bit frustrated about how long the insurance process takes.


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