New CDs yay

September 16, 2009

Just got my CDs that I ordered from yesasia today. Only had a chance to listen to one of them though, Maaya Sakamoto’s Kazeyomi. Beautiful album and beautiful voice, very relaxing and soothing to the point that I fell asleep whilst listening intently. CD quality is pretty good too, can hear every little detail like the plucking of strings and the airiness of Maaya’s voice. Her voice is so beautiful and smooth and the music is well composed as well, it is very different to the Kalafina I was listening to before in terms of style.

Kalafina is more primal in terms of rhythm and more classical in musical approach, also the music seems to be more energetic in presentation. Maaya Sakamoto has this delicate refinement about her music and it seems that the goods are in the detail. All in all, 2 different styles of music both of which are awesome!

I will have a listen to the other 2 CDs probably tomorrow whilst I am working. Nico touches the walls “Who are you?” and Rie Fu’s “Urban romantic”. I shall see how they are in CD form compared to mp3.


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