Bakemonogatari – Nadeko Snake

September 14, 2009

Very disappointed with episode 10 of the awesome bakemonogatari. Apparently SHAFT are lacking animators and it really shows in this episode. It was like watching a slideshow with captions. Also the ending was rather abrupt and doesn’t conclude very well, it was also missing the usual aftermath animation with the ending theme which usually consists of Karen and Tsuhiki pulling Araragi out of bed. The story had a lot of potential but it was butchered because of the animation cuts, especially the action scene which was confusing as hell since there wasn’t so much action as there were still frames.

The fact that there was no real conclusion was surprising to me since all the past arcs had something to sum them up at the end. When the episode ended I thought that there was another next week to wrap up, but I was wrong when the preview said that it would be Tsubasa cat arc airing instead. There was no resolution to the relationship between Sengoku and Araragi, it was just left open ended with Araragi feeling inadequate and Sengoku thankful for her Koyomi-niichan. Bittersweet yes, but it could have ended better given the stellar storytelling in the previous arcs.

I was a bit bothered by the dropping animation quality a few weeks back, and I suppose my fears have now been recognized. Hopefully they will be able to animate the rest of the series properly, otherwise it would really ruin one of the best animes I have seen in a long time. I haven’t been this eager about a series since probably Code geass or Samurai champloo!

No screens cos there really aren’t that many to show.


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